Beauty Trends for 2022

For this new year, beauty trends bring back styles that have been on the rise on other occasions, and new proposals for modern women to wear a different look.

As usual, these styles are revealed to the public at the fashion shows of the best-known designers and are exhibited by the most important international models in the industry.

Here are some of the top beauty trends for 2022.

Swept Bangs are Back

The Topic is Beauty Trends for 2022

One of the styles that returns to prevail this year 2022, is the long and side swept bangs.

Also known as side swept, this haircut is one of the top beauty trends for this season and even the next.

This fringe frames the face laterally and has many possibilities:

  • It grows fast so if you don’t like it, it could be easily fixed.
  • Flatters almost all face types.
  • It can be worn in various ways.
  • This hair styles serves to lengthen the face visually.
  • It is easy to comb.

Minimalist Manicures

The nail art has been simplified season after season, until arriving at what is called minimalist manicures. This trend in nail care and decoration consists of using simple details and discreet designs.

The highlight of this style is that the embellishments are applied on a colorless background.

Among some of the designs we can mention a dark colored dot in the center of the nail, black and wavy silhouettes distributed asymmetrically, or strass appliqués directly on the clean nail.

According to the experts, in this way the nail art is made to stand out even more and a touch of simplicity is added to the hands.

Timeless Nail Colors

Continuing in the world of manicures, a color that is imposing itself thanks to its timeless characteristic, is burgundy.

Also known as wine red or maroon, this color tone is very sophisticated, versatile and belongs to the group of classic nail colors. With all these aspects in its favor, burgundy is positioning itself among the favorites to wear in spring and autumn.

Additionally, in addition to providing elegance to your look, burgundy favors women of all ages. It is an attractive color and easy to combine.

The return of ear piercings

Ear piercings are another beauty trend that is coming back to be in style for a long time.

These adornments specially designed to wear on the ears, cover endless models and have even attracted Spanish royalty, as well as great Hollywood actresses.

Among the infinity of design that you can find of these accessories, the ones with the greatest boom today are those that have a double format. For example, there are those that have the shape of a conch shell, those with a propeller, the daith, among many others.

On the other hand, having several piercings in your ears allows you to make various combinations of earrings and styles.

The frizz: the latest in natural hairstyles

Another trend when it comes to hair is frizz.  It is not about wearing a meaningless or careless hairstyle, it is about showing off the natural texture of the hair, showing off the frizz that can be generated throughout the day.

At the spring-summer 2022 Haute Couture fashion shows, observations might say that wild and frizzy hair was the trend among models. Likewise, among the attending public and the backstage staff, the naturalness of the hairstyles was observed as the tendency as well.

What is sought with this style is to recover and value the naturalness of the hair and learn to show off the frizz that is generated with the daily hustle and bustle, and with the accelerated pace of life that leads today.

Now that you know the beauty trends for this year, you just have to decide which one to try.