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The “Home and Garden Forum” is just a place to post discussions about anything and everything having to do with home (both indoors and outdoors) and garden.

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BlahFace.com - Home Decor Forum
BlahFace.com - Home Decor Forum

When it comes to home decorations, little touches make a big difference, such as white towel rolls beautifully placed in a basket and pretty flowers next to it. Scented candles also delight the eyes and the senses with their fragrance. 

When selecting a color scheme, there are so many variations.  Where to start? HGTV has an amazing Color Visualizer by Sherwin Williams that is a lot of fun to use and experiment with. 

Here’s an article we recently read and found quite interesting on “Small Bathroom Design.”  The web is full of great ideas.  Open up a topic in the Home and Garden forum and let’s discuss.

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