2024 Election/Reelection Campaigns

2024 Election Campaigns Meet Candidates

Dear Esteemed Politicians,

As the 2024 election season approaches, we recognize the vital role that effective communication and impactful messaging play in connecting with the electorate. In this spirit, we cordially invite you to seize this unique opportunity to craft and launch an innovative advertising campaign that not only resonates with your ideals and policy objectives but also reaches the hearts and minds of voters across our nation. This is your chance to shape the narrative, inspire action, and leave a lasting impression in a highly competitive political landscape.

Mark Rice

Mark Rice for U.S. Congress, Illinois

ILLINOIS – Mark Rice is running for election to the United States Congress, 8th Congressional District, Illinois.  Learn More.

Teresa Heitmann

Naples Florida Mayor Teresa Heitmann

FLORIDA – Teresa Heitmann is running for reelection as Mayor of Naples, Florida.  Learn More.

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2024 Election Campaigns Meet Candidates