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Portraits with art

This is a very current and modern photographic trend, where the creativity of the photographer plays a fundamental role.

Due to the great impact that these images generate on social platforms, they have become a style whose trend is still high. These photos are created with a piece of art as the focal point and are often one-of-a-kind.

The shot can be focused on a mural, or on a graffiti full of colors, lines and figures linked together. Both creativity and originality are the main drivers of these images. That is why you must put your imagination into practice when creating the photo.

Remember that it is the photographer who creates the image, taking advantage of the facilities provided by his camera.

Application of subtle filters

This type of photography is very popular on Instagram, one of the most popular social networks.

The use and publication of these images is mainly due to the impact they can cause on the different web platforms. Although there are endless effects that you can apply to your photos, the most used are those that do not modify the original image on a large scale.

In this trend of photography, the most used filters are those that soften the lighting of the images. Filters that blur the background are also very popular, as they help to give a different touch to the photo.

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