• Green” and “sustainable” are terms that point to environmental awareness and preserving natural resources.
  • “Green” is strictly concerned with the environmental health.
  • “Sustainable” is concerned with environmental health, economic vitality, and social benefits.

Facts About Our Environment

Did you know that the environment is more than just the air we breathe and the ground we walk on? The environment encompasses everything around us, including animals, plants, water, and land. Did you know that the environment is one of the fascinating topics out there? There are so many interesting facts about the environment that it can be hard to start. Don’t worry. This article will discuss 9 of the most interesting facts about the environment. These facts will surprise and educate you on the world around us!  Read the article.

Recycle clothes icon on label with 100 Recycled fabric text.  Sustainable fashion and ethical shopping conscious consumerism.

Sustainability Efforts

On the Travel section, each country contains a button labeled “Sustainability Efforts.”   The information is slowly being created in collaboration with Broward County, Florida, Sustainable Fashion Tech Global Evolution (SFTGE.COM), Sister Cities International – Florida-Sustainable Division.

We believe these pages will impact and educate consumers on sustainability of all sorts. BlahFace is donating a percentage of space on every country travel page as our contribution towards this endeavor.

What is eco building?
Meaning of eco-building in English: a building that has been made in a way that does not harm the environment, for example because it is made with sustainable materials (= ones that will continue to be available and not all be used up) and uses natural energy for heat, etc.
How do you build an eco home?
Building and Renovating for Eco-Friendly Homes Replace old windows with energy-efficient windows. Install a skylight. Use sustainable flooring. Plant trees. Install a “cool roof.” Cool roofs reflect sunlight rather than absorbing it. Consider installing a composting toilet. Use durable siding.