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At COP28, Oil-Rich Colombia Moves to End Fossil Fuels and Protect Forests

Colombia is making bold moves at the United Nations COP28 climate talks to end the use of fossil fuels and enhance the role forests play as a climate solution.

Despite being the leader of one of the world’s top 25 oil producing nations, Colombian President Gustavo Petro joined a call to phase out fossil fuels.

“Some may ask, why would the president of this country want to commit suicide with an economy that relies on fossil fuels?” Petro told the COP28 delegates in Dubai. “We are trying to halt a suicide, the death of everything that is alive.”

Political scientist and environmentalist Susana Muhamad is Colombia’s minister of environment and sustainable development. Muhamad is tasked with guiding the move away from oil and gas and halting deforestation in Colombia’s vast and biodiverse forests, which include portions of the Amazon basin. Doing so will take far greater investment, she said. (Read more at Newsweek.com)


Facts About Our Environment

Did you know that the environment is more than just the air we breathe and the ground we walk on? The environment encompasses everything around us, including animals, plants, water, and land. Did you know that the environment is one of the fascinating topics out there? There are so many interesting facts about the environment that it can be hard to start. Don’t worry. This article will discuss 9 of the most interesting facts about the environment. These facts will surprise and educate you on the world around us!  Read the article.

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