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Walmart and other retailers are fighting for bargain-hunting, inflation-weary customers. Here's how

Walmart.  Even big box retailers are feeling the pinch of pesky inflation — and it’s pushing them into a pitched competition for bargain-hunting consumers.  Inflation has declined from its 2022 peak but remains elevated, delaying the Federal Reserve’s plans to cut interest rates(Read More at

Oil prices on track for weekly gain on solid demand outlook

TOKYO (Reuters) – Oil prices fell on Friday but were on track for their first weekly gain in four weeks as markets assessed the impact of higher-for-longer U.S. interest rates versus solid outlooks for crude and fuel demand this year.  Brent crude futures were down 72 cents, or 0.87%, to $82.04 a barrel at 0100 GMT. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) U.S. crude futures lost 79 cents, or 1%, to trade at $77.84 a barrel, reversing small gains in the previous session. (Read More at

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