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Choosing a Charter Boat Company.  When you took your first ASA 101 course this is the moment you were dreaming of. The sailing vacation where you are captain and the entire family is your crew. You could see it happening as you first picked up your Sailing Made Easy textbook. When you took ASA 103 it became all too clear that no matter what happened for the rest of your life, your excursion would not be complete until you chartered your own boat. After ASA 104 all the confidence you had gained led you to this moment when you began your search for a charter boat.  Well, it’s time for you to set off on your own and explore endless shorelines and secluded coves. You have mapped out your plan and you have reserved your vacation time now all you need is a boat. How do you choose a charter company to rent a boat for a week?  (Read Full Article (

  • Do You Need a License to Drive a Boat? US License Laws – Some states compel boaters to have a certificate or license. Some states set age limits for those who want to get their boating license. In this article, I’ll describe whether you need a license depending on your specific state.  Read Full Article.

  • How to Drive a Boat in Rough Water. Is winter coming to an end where you live? Do you know how to drive a boat in rough water? Are you constantly thinking about taking out your boat to do some fishing or just enjoy the warmer weather? Thousands of boat enthusiasts will hit the water when the weather breaks, and many will run into rough waters and terrible storms, but only some will be prepared for it. Read Full Article.

How to drive a boat in rough seas  – big ocean swells!

We are so excited we finally had the perfect weather day to film this video! This has been a pretty consistent request from some of you. We needed just the right conditions to be able to properly demonstrate driving a boat in rough seas. In the video, we go over DOWN SEA, UP SEA, SIDE SEA & QUARTERING!

New Yachts for 2023 – can you guess the designer?

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Day in the Life of Owning an Offshore Charter Boat.