Welcome to BlahFace.com, a Global Social Media Platform

Welcome to BlahFace

BlahFace is a free global Social Media Platform that enables informative reading about a wide variety of interests and topics like world travel and politics. If a viewer wants to view SITE ACTIVITY, create a personal WALL PAGE, GROUP, or interact in FORUMS they can create a free account or login. Open communication and unfiltered news from all sides and beliefs with no censorship of expression and free speech.  Learn more at About Us.

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On the Travel section, each country contains a button labeled “Sustainability Efforts.”   The information is slowly being created in collaboration with the County of Broward, Florida, Sustainable Fashion Tech Global Evolution (SFTGE.COM), Sister Cities International – Florida-Sustainable Division.

We believe these pages will impact and educate consumers on sustainability of all sorts. BlahFace is donating a percentage of space on every country travel page as our contribution towards this endeavor.


Travel influencers beautify the web with gorgeous photos and terrific stories of their travels.  See who is being featured and check them out.

BlahFace is growing and your comments, feedback and suggestions for new sections or themes of interest are appreciated.  Please fill out this form and submit.  Thank you.

Any and all feedback welcomed and appreciated.


There are many “Travel Influencers” on social media we love to follow, it’s not easy to narrow the list down to just 10 selections.   We hope you enjoy viewing their photos and reading their caption stories as much as we do.