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United Auto Workers union members unwilling to back Biden: Government 'hasn't been delivering'

Some United Auto Workers (UAW) members are still unwilling to support President Biden in November, despite the union endorsement him, and are planning to vote for former President Trump instead.  “The government seems to be appeasing the coast, everyone who lives in Manhattan thinks everyone should drive an electric car,” Chris Vitale, a UAW member who works at Chrysler, told CNN’s John King.  (Read More at

Second New Hampshire auto dealership owner arrested for not providing vehicle title after sale

A second auto dealership owner in New Hampshire has been arrested for not providing a certificate of title to a customer after selling a vehicle, and state police said there may be more victims.  Nicholas Giangarra, 29, of Newton, an owner of JTS Auto & Truck in Plaistow, was arrested on a warrant without incident and charged with one count of anti-theft Laws: No title to transferee, state police said. (Read More at

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