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The Classic Checkerboard Pattern Is Making a Modern Comeback

Checkerboard is a timeless pattern with a long history in design. The motif transcends trends as an enduring design element. Recently, the high-contrast grid, reminiscent of a chessboard, is once again in the spotlight—this time in the form of paint, textiles, wallpaper, and ceramics. We chatted with design experts to discover why the checkerboard pattern is so popular right now and learn how to incorporate it into our homes. (bhg.com)

Statement Rugs Are the Bold Flooring Option Everyone Is Loving Right Now

Adding a statement rug—whether it’s brightly colored or oddly shaped, or both!—is one of the best tricks to spruce up a living space with just one design move.

Rugs can define a space. Aside from the paint on the walls, they’re most likely any room’s largest source of color, which means they really set the tone for the space. A rug’s pattern, too, is an important influence on the atmosphere of a space. (bhg.com)