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Portsmouth residential real estate values up 6.6%; personal property values on cars decrease

PORTSMOUTH — As City Council weighs tax rates for the upcoming fiscal budget, the latest assessments of real estate property show an overall increase in revenue for the city while personal property values on vehicles decreased.  Both Interim City Assessor Victor Edwards and Commissioner of the Revenue Franklin Edmondson presented information on real estate and personal property assessments, respectively, at a Tuesday work session with City Council members. (Read more at

Ohio Senate targets older homeowners in revised tax relief act

The Ohio Senate passed House Bill 187 on Wednesday, but not without several major amendments.  House Bill 187, also known as the Ohio Homeowners Relief Act, is a response to the rising property values due to inflation. For example, Clermont County property values are expected to increase by 43% using a one-year average. (Read more at

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