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It’s Time To Give Vertical Gardening A Try This Spring

Just like home decor and fashion have their own trends, so does gardening. The latest? Vertical gardens. Whether you’re short on ground space or just want to do something unique, it’s a fun way to turn your beloved plants into a statement. Plus, it has a ton of different applications both indoors and outdoors. Read on to learn exactly what vertical gardening is, how to maintain it, what to plant, and much more.  Read full article by Quincy Bulin at

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Plant Division Made Easy

When looking to fill a gap; consider shopping in your own garden.  I have good news. Free plants are all around you, ready for the taking. All you need to do is divide them. To divide a plant means to dig it out of the ground and separate the parent plant into smaller sections. It’s not only an economical way to acquire additional plants; it can also be necessary to control size, or to rejuvenate it.   Read full Article by JOE LAMP’L.

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