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What Is A Hydroponic Garden? Hydro for water, and ponos for labor. These two Greek words come together to create the term hydroponic. In essence, that means all water and no soil. Oklahoma State University Extension goes on to explain that with a hydroponic garden comes many advantages, including the unexpected fact that plants grown in a soil-free, water-based system use less water than their counterparts growing out back in the dirt. This is due to the water going through a constant process of circulation and recycling. Read Full Article at

How To Protect Your Vegetable Garden From Freezing Temperatures.  As winter gives way to the promise of warm spring weather, gardeners prepare to plant their first crops. Before you plant seeds or place young seedlings in the ground, however, it is important to have a frost protection plan in place. Otherwise, you might have to do it all again and it’s just not as fun the second time.  Read Full Article at