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Yoga Lovers

Welcome to our Yoga Lovers corner, to a world of serenity and self-discovery. Here, amidst the gentle whispers of tranquility, we embrace the beauty of yoga, a practice that transcends the boundaries of the physical and nourishes our souls. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or taking your first steps onto the mat, this sanctuary is designed to inspire and uplift you on your journey towards inner harmony.

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The Uncomfortable Truths Behind Our Fascination with Yoga Poses

When you hear the word yoga, it’s almost always defined as a physical exercise. Classical yoga teachers have always extolled the virtues of yogic spirituality, but postures are still the primary language of American yoga.

Postures are a great introduction to the basics of yoga practice, but they’re not meant to serve as your sole path to inner knowledge. They’re just a great way to get children prepped for meditation. Vinyasa-style yoga classes were actually developed as energy maintenance for children, particularly young boys. 

You’re always a child in the infancy of your yoga journey, no matter how old you are when you first step on the mat. The postures are an introduction to the core elements of a spirituality beyond religiosity. Sometimes, simply moving the body and connecting to the breath are all you need to set foot on the path toward transcendence. (Read more at


Strength-Building Drills and Holds for Your Core, Arms, and Back

In my previous article, which explores strength-building as both a physical and spiritual pursuit, I focused on the lower body with an emphasis on harnessing the inner strength that a reflective asana practice can help us cultivate.

Here, I’d like to offer a sequence that focuses on a few basic poses that target the upper back, abdominal, and arm muscles through drills with short holds and repetitions along with some longer-held variations.

As you practice, tap into your breath as the mighty force that empowers you to be strong and steady in spirit and life. Consider how your breathing can reflect these three facets of inner strength:

The breath is powerful: Yoga teaches us that the breath is our most immediate and constant connection to spirit. The breath is the vehicle for prana, the vital life force that, according to yoga-related philosophy, is our animating power and infuses the cosmos. It could be said that breathing with this awareness allows us, as individuals, to tap into the power of the universe. That’s a pretty potent thought, isn’t it? (Read more at

Family Yoga: Can Babies Do Yoga?

Yes, babies can participate in a form of baby yoga or infant massage, often referred to as “baby yoga” or “baby massage.” This involves gentle movements, stretches, and massage techniques designed to promote relaxation, bonding between the baby and caregiver, and potentially aid in the baby’s physical development.

It’s important to note that baby yoga for infants involves very gentle and age-appropriate movements. The sessions are typically led by a trained instructor who guides parents or caregivers on how to safely engage their babies in simple stretches and massages.

‘A magical connection’: Downward Goat brings goat yoga to Gainesville

Korinne Johnson’s husband was planning on buying her diamonds for Valentine’s Day, yet she had her heart set on something much larger — a baby Pygmy goat.  Eight years later, what began as a heartfelt gift has flourished into the healing-based organization Downward Goat, which provides goat and animal assisted yoga sessions throughout Florida while also working to support veterans, law enforcement, caregivers and first responders.  (Read more at

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