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GM to release plug-in hybrid vehicles, backtracking on product plans

DETROIT – General Motors is changing its product lineup strategy to include plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, CEO Mary Barra told investors Tuesday.  Barra did not disclose specific details of the plans other than that PHEVs, which include an internal combustion engine along with battery technologies, will be rolled out on “select vehicles” in North America to assist in meeting more stringent federal fuel economy regulations. (Read More at

Floridians pay second-highest auto insurance premiums in the U.S., study shows

A recent national report showed Floridians are now paying the second-highest auto insurance premiums in the country, and experts said Thursday there may be no relief in sight.  According to a study this month by Forbes, drivers in Florida are paying more than $4,300 on average for car insurance. Only New York has a higher average premium price. (Read more at

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