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Algiers is the capital of Algeria, with approximately 3 million inhabitants. The political and cultural center of the country, full of unusual architecture, history, and stunning landscapes, Algeria has a lot to offer the average tourist. The city was, founded by the Ottomans and its, beautiful architecture, the ancient town is a winding urban labyrinth, much like the streets that flow through the old city. 


Oran, Algeria’s fast-growing and most idyllic city, known as Annaba, is proud of its Spanish heritage. Oran is the old second city of Algeria, a vibrant port city with heaps of character and beauty, boasting a rich history and animated pace of life. It is a charming city with heaps of attitude and excellence that is seen by thousands of people every year. Every genus of beautiful architecture present in the incredible city of Oran is the best of any city in Algeria.


Constantine, Algeria’s third-largest city, which passes through a valley, Constantine is a natural marvel that has turned into a stunning place for tourists over the years. From the political to the cultural and economic era, this city has it all, an extraordinary symbol of pride for the Constantine North.

The city was the capital of Numidia, Constantine has an attractive atmosphere and is still rife with a sense of imagination despite its cosmopolitan and modern movements. It gives the city a sense of fantasy that has been, intact since Roman times, the people living here feel an air of imagination and joy in this incredible city.


There were many geographical reasons for the Phoenicians to, meet Annaba which is nevertheless evident today and the reason for the relative prosperity of the cities, the imposing architecture, and a welcome for both freshwater and fertile farmland. Annaba is famous for the presence of the many ruins of villages and temples that existed in the medieval, refreshingly contiguity to the city, Annaba is certainly one of the most beautiful cities in Algeria. The city has a natural harbor that handles many of the country’s exports and is considered a natural harbor.


The “City of Cherry” Tlemcen is one of the best cities in Algeria, at one time one of the most influential cities in the Maghreb. The only option where you can see the stunning Moorish buildings in Algeria is ‘Tlemcen.’ Tlemcen boasts of rich history and diverse culture and is now an amalgam for various musical and artistic styles. Not only can buildings compete beautifully with the people of southern Spain or Morocco. These scenic spots in Algeria are beautiful examples of the textiles and handicrafts barbarians and Arab-Andalusian heritage. Tlemcen is delightful, made up of majestic mountains, and besides rooted in artisan charm.


Ghardaia is one of the Pentapolis cities of the Saharan M’Zab Valley, one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Algeria. M’Zab is one of the five hill towns built in the valley about a thousand years ago. It was founded by, the Mozabites and Ibadi sect of Amazi Muslims. Ghardaia is, situated in the middle of the Sahara Desert and is covered with sand from all sides Ghariya is the name that comes to mind when you talk about religions, traditions, and foods. Accommodation and food are the best parts of the city, in the nearby boundary of Beni Isugen – usually closed to foreign visitors.

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