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Manama blends its traditions with the contemporary, sparkly skyline, designated as the capital of Arab culture in 2012. Its skyline includes two sets of twin towers, the Financial Harbor Towers and the World Trade Center. If you really want to explore Bahrain culture then have a look at it’s traditional Bahrain, visit the Bab-Al-Bahrain market, with an arched gate as entrance and housing stalls.


Muharraq is a famous city in Bahrain the old capital of Bahrain until 1932. This beautiful city is an island city around which the Amwaj artificial islets were recently built. The entire area of Muharraq now has a modern extension with the purpose of creating housing, beaches, and hotels. The traditional market of Muharraq is called souq, where you get all sorts of traditional crafts and foods are also worth a visit. The oldest among them the Fareej Al Bin Ali district, several districts display traditional architecture.


A’ali sits in the northern part of the main island, only 20 kilometers from Manama and just north of Riffa. One of the biggest towns in Bahrain, famous for its burial mounds dating back from ancient times, spread throughout the central part of the city. Cultural artifacts have been discovered in these burial mounds, and they can be seen in the country’s museum, dedicated to the history of the mounds. A’ali is also dotted with pottery boutiques in which you can admire the renowned handicrafts the locals create.

Al Jasra

Al Jasra is most notable for its traditional handicraft center located on the western coast of the main island of Bahrain. The organization is divided into rooms where local craftsmen work on crafts and traditional arts. Many of them are potters working the clay or weavers making baskets. Other crafts you can see are dolls or boats. You can buy any of the artifacts made here. The center has a garden in the middle for unwinding and relaxation.


Riffa has several historic jewels, located in the center of the main island of Bahrain, preserved through the centuries. Riffa Fort, built in typical Bahraini architecture, one of them is the 19th century. The Bukuwara Street Market and the Riffa Bazaar are the best places to go find some souvenirs, from crafts to pieces of clothing or small pottery objects. The Riffa Clock Tower is located in the western part of the city, and it’s worth a visit, as it rises above the city in white splendor, and is lit gold at night.

Hawar Island

If you take a 45-minute boat ride from the southern city of Al Dur will take you to Hawar Island, southeast of the mainland and close to Qatar. The island has been transformed into a resort retreat, with hotels and water-sports equipment for those wanting to venture in the warm seas of the Persian Gulf. The eastern side of the island is lined with high cliffs, typical of the area.

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