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Minsk, capital of Belarus, is a modern city dominated by monumental Stalinist architecture. Capital is one of the best places to visit in Belarus. Minsk offers reliable and affordable public transport, plentiful hotels, convenient banking, and shopping and dining that international tourists will find familiar. The quality and number of sightseeing opportunities have improved remarkably too. Still, the Soviet past – Stalinist architecture and socialist street art, old-style canteens and department stores – exists alongside the renovated churches, fancy restaurants, hipster joints and tourist sightseeing traps. This makes Minsk an attractive destination for those who look for new experiences


Polotsk can be rightly called the religious capital of Belarus. The key attraction here is the Saint Sophia Cathedral, due to which the city became a cultural mecca as well. This is the first church made of stone in Belarus. There you can take a walk through the cellars, see the fragments of the very first building, and listen to one of the best organs in the country. See the Western Dvina and don’t miss the Boris stone, which, according to legends, grants wishes. All you need to do is to lean against the stone, make a wish, walk around the stone three times – and – voila – wait till your dream comes true.


Brest is the second largest city in Belarus. It played a crucial role in the Second World War. The Brest Fortress was used to defend the frontier stronghold during the war, when Nazi German troops invaded the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941. The memorial has become a place of national pride and grief, and a popular tourist attraction. While on an excursion to Brest, visit the barracks, forts and other fortifications, a museum and monuments of the fortress. If you would like to have a walk around the city to feel its atmosphere, then head to Savietskaya Street. This is the main pedestrian street and is usually is flooded with people in the evenings. Wait until the sunset and you will see the famous lamplighter lighting kerosene lanterns – a moment worth waiting for.


During the 16th century, Nesvizh became an ancestral home for one of the richest and most significant families in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania – Radziwiłł. The Kings of Poland regularly paid visits to the castle. The Nesvizh castle occupies 90 hectares and is surrounded by a moat and a beautiful park. Enjoy the various architectural styles there like baroque, renaissance, modernism and neoclassicism. Learn the legends of this castle on our tour – they are truly impressive.


It feels like Gomel was built for relaxation. There you can enjoy walks the streets with long bridges and beautiful architecture. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Pieramohi Parkway, which is nice and cozy to walk on a sunny day. Another cool place to see is the Park of Gomel which is located along the Sož river and gained fame for its unique plant collection. The Palace of Rumiancavy-Paškievičy will let you learn how Russian aristocracy lived and feel the atmosphere of those times.


The key squares with bustling city life are: Lenina, Zvyozdnaja and Slavy. They are united by the Lenina street – the key pedestrian street in the city, sometimes referred to as Mogilev Broadway. In the morning the street is full with workers and students rushing to work or studies while in the evening it turns into the city’s key happening place. It is very popular among street musicians. To see the city from above climb up to the observation deck. Go to the Square of Glory and enjoy the view that opens to the Dnieper river or simply go downstairs to take a closer look at the river and take a selfie with Mogilev lions.

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