Central African Republic


Bangui, city, capital of the Central African Republic, located on the west bank of the Ubangi River. It is connected by an extended 1,100-mile (1,800-km) river-and-rail transport system with Pointe-Noire on the west-central African coast and with Brazzaville (both in the Republic of the Congo). The river port development includes a quay 1,300 feet (400 metres) long and an oil port downstream. Diamonds, cotton, timber, coffee, and sisal are shipped from Bangui.


Bimbo is the second largest city in the Central African Republic and is located in the southwest of the country. The city is a good example of city life in the country and bustling markets are a regular attraction. The city is home to the country’s only sex segregated female prison. The population of the city has doubled in the last ten years and the atmosphere is loud and chaotic.


Berberati is the second largest city in the country but is one of the more peaceful cities. Located in the southwest of the country, far away from the troubles in the centre of the country and Sudan, Berberati is probably one of the safest places to visit in the country at this troubled time and is a good base for visitors to the nearby Dzangha-Sanga Nature Reserve. Whilst in the area it is worth looking at the history left behind by the various occupants throughout the past such as the French military.


This town may be small, measuring only 1km in length and 300m in width, but it is a valuable place to visit for tourists in the Central African Republic. The wooden houses here are great examples of traditional Congo houses. The people of the town are friendly and welcoming to tourists and the best way to arrive is by canoe or motorboat due to the town’s location on the Ubangi River.


The small town of Boali is mainly visited for the nearby Boali Falls. These waterfalls are just upstream from the town and are possibly the best known landmark in the Central African Republic. The falls consist of several small and separate falls in the dry seasons but in the wet season they join together to form a powerful and impressive fall. Several tourism companies operate in the are and there is even a hotel and restaurant atop the falls.


The town of Bamingui is in the north of the Central African Republic, around 250 miles from the capital city of Bangui. The main reason to visit the town is as a base for visits to the nearby. Bamingui-Bangoran National Park which is a haven for many species of mammals, birds and other creatures. The flora is also extremely diverse and interesting due to the parks sub tropical ecosystem and its varying altitude between 400 and 1500 metres above sea level.

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