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Central African Republic

Nestled in the heart of Africa, the Central African Republic invites travelers to discover its untouched landscapes, diverse wildlife, and warm hospitality. French and Sango, the official languages, accompany you as you explore the vibrant markets of Bangui and the breathtaking beauty of Dzanga-Sangha National Park. Immerse yourself in the unique traditions of the Aka and Baka communities, and experience the rich cultural tapestry that defines this Central African gem.


Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, welcomes travelers with its vibrant atmosphere and rich cultural heritage. Located along the Ubangi River, Bangui boasts charming riverfront views and picturesque landscapes. Visitors can explore notable landmarks such as the Presidential Palace, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Boganda Museum. The city’s bustling markets and local artisan shops offer a taste of authentic Central African crafts and cuisine. Bangui is an intriguing destination for those seeking an immersive cultural experience.


Bimbo, a tranquil oasis on the outskirts of the bustling Bangui, is a perfect embodiment of Central African charm, seamlessly blending the energy of city life with rural serenity. As you traverse the city, you can discover local delicacies at the vibrant market or find tranquility along the serene riverbanks. Striking a harmonious balance between the pulsating rhythm of urban life and the calming lull of the countryside, Bimbo offers a uniquely enriching experience, leaving an indelible imprint that stays with you long after you’ve left its borders.



Berbérati is in the heart of the Central African Republic. City offers a vibrant local culture and the warm hospitality of the Sango people. Explore bustling markets, savor traditional cuisine, and immerse yourself in the city’s authentic African charm. From its rich history to stunning landscapes, Berbérati provides a unique and enriching experience for adventurous souls seeking. Discover diverse wildlife and enjoy encounters with elephants in Dzanga-Ndoki National Park. The M’Baïki-Téna-Tombo road offers scenic drives and colorful markets for unique handicrafts.


Zinga, a charming city in the Central African Republic, welcomes tourists with its serene atmosphere and beautiful landscapes. Located along the banks of the Oubangui River, Zinga offers opportunities for peaceful river cruises and birdwatching. Explore the local culture through traditional markets, where artisans display their crafts, and immerse yourself in the warm hospitality of the local people. With its natural beauty and cultural delights, Zinga promises a memorable and enriching experience for every traveler.


Boali, a picturesque town in the Central African Republic, captivates tourists with its stunning waterfalls and lush greenery. The Chutes de Boali, one of the country’s most significant attractions, offers a breathtaking sight as the Lobaye River cascades down the cliffs. Visitors can also explore the nearby Bamingui-Bangoran National Park, where diverse wildlife and beautiful landscapes await. Boali’s natural wonders and tranquil ambiance create an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts seeking a peaceful and immersive experience.


Bamingui, situated in the northern part of the Central African Republic, captivates tourists with its untouched nature and diverse wildlife. The Bamingui-Bangoran National Park, designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, offers a chance to encounter numerous wild animals. With its mesmerizing landscapes and secluded ambiance, Bamingui is an ideal destination for adventurous explorations and unforgettable wildlife experiences. Bamingui is a perfect choice for nature lovers seeking an off-the-beaten-path getaway.

Country information

Country codes: CF, CAF (ISO 3166-1)
Population: 5 496 011 (2019)
Currency: Central African CFA franc (Fr, XAF)
Calling code: +236

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