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The famous capital of Czech Republic is Prague which is one of my favourite destinations in Europe. The city is extremely beautiful with incredible architecture throughout the city, including the Prague Castle Complex, Charles Bridge and the Old Town Square. When visiting Prague you’ll find a huge variety of things to do with 113 galleries, museums, monuments and other historical places. As well as those attractions the city is host to a fantastic nightlife, great beer and a delicious cuisine.

Český Krumlov

is a small dreamy city in South Bohemia and a couple of hours south of Prague. The beautiful centre is now recognised as a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1992, and this is partly due to its authentic well-preserved layout and castle-city design. When visiting check out the State Castle (a national monument) which overlooks the city and provides incredible views. Also, head to my post on photo spots in Český Krumlov for some of the best locations for taking photographs.


In Moravia is the beautiful baroque city of Olomouc which is the sixth largest city in the Czech Republic. It was for centuries one of the most important cities in the country and a residence of the Czech Monarchy. Similar to Prague (mentioned below), the city has an old medieval astronomical clock which is built into the Town Hall. The city is also home to a 32 meter high Holy Trinity Monument which is now recognised as a Unesco Monument. The monument consists of 18 sculptures of saints, 12 light-bearer figures and various other elements. A few other attractions in the city include Saint Wenceslas Cathedral, which has the second highest spire in the Czech Republic at 100.65 meters, as well as Archbishop’s Palace and various museums.

Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

Also in Moravia is the town of Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, which is home to the Wallachian Open Air Museum. This is one of the largest such museums in Europe and consists of 100 structures and buildings that used to be the Wallachia community. The museum is in three sections with the “Little Wooden Town” being my favourite. There you can see the Mayor’s house, St. Anne’s Church, the town hall and various other buildings showing the community and how they lived.


Another top city to visit in the Czech Republic is Kroměříž in Moravia. One of my favourite elements to this city was the main square seen below with wonderful colourful architecture. A few highlights of this city include the beautiful Flower Garden with its artistic flower arrangements, the Chateau Garden which is 64 ha and has over 200 exotic species of trees, as well as the Archbishop’s Chateau that links to his cellars and has a wine barrel that can hold an incredible 19,000 litres.


Telč is an adorable small town known for its colourful old town, another UNESCO protected site. Its main square with Renaissance and Baroque architecture is one of the best-preserved ones and the main attraction per se. Other notable sights that you should dedicate your time to are Telč Castle or Telč Château, Church of St James and Church of the Holy Spirit. Take a step forward and peek in Telč Underground, a tunnel system that interactively teaches you about the history of the town.

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