El Salvador

San Salvador

San Salvador is the capital of El Salvador and considered in the top 10 cities in El Salvador. This capital city is located in the central plateau region of central America. it is the second-largest city in all of Central America after Guatemala. Despite its massive area, visitors are generally surprised to find laid back locals, a relatively slow pace to the city and an easy-going atmosphere.


The second-largest city in El Salvador after San Salvador, Santa Ana offers visitors an urban appeal with a slightly more tranquil environment when compared to San Salvador. It is considered in one of the famous cities in El Salvador. early 20th-century neo-Gothic cathedral, elaborately decorated theatre, and the picturesque main square also known as Parque Libertad have won the attention of tourists, making Santa Ana a worthwhile day trip.

San Miguel

The country’s third-largest and most populated city, San Miguel is a popular, though slightly less developed, tourist destination. Its historic downtown offers some noteworthy landmarks, from the 19th-century, best cities to visit in El Salvador is a good experience of a lifetime. Cathedral and Francisco Gavidia Theatre to the San Miguel Market and bustling Avenida Roosevelt. Hugging the country’s small eastern coast, it also offers close proximity to several beach towns boasting some of Central America’s best surf. A major center of trade, San Miguel’s coastal locale also provides some of El Salvador’s highest quality seafood.


Apopa is a city near the capital of San Salvador and considered in major cities in El Salvador. It probably is considered the seventh biggest city in El Salvador with a population of more than 150,000 people. This city has now mixed with San Salvador and Soyapango, making it part of the Great San Salvador Metro with a population estimated of 1,900,000. The people of Apopa, quite loving and friendly by nature. Tourists across the world come here to visit the culture of El Salvador here.

La Palma

If you want to visit popular cities in El Salvador come La Palma. Two hours northwest of San Salvador, La Palma is famous for being the town where national artist Fernando Llort taught. Utilizing bright colors, childish images, and religious themes, Llort captured the hearts of the El Salvadoran people, making La Palma a nationally recognized artistic hub. Even today the vast majority of its residents make a living by practicing Llort’s artistic style.

La Union

La Union is known in major cities in El Salvador, with the actual port being just over a mile from town. It is located 12 miles from the department of San Miguel. It is not a large town and is easily navigated on foot. Please note that while the city center is safe for daytime wandering, this area can turn sketchy at night and tourists should not wander here alone after sunset. From La Unión it’s easy to get a boat to one of the nearby islands; Isla Conchaguita, Meanguera, Zacatillo or Martin Perez

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