Topic is Travel Destination to Ethiopia. Luscious greens among the Blue Nile Falls, in Issat, Ethiopia, Africa.

Addis Ababa

As the country’s capital, it is obvious that Addis tops our list of cities in Ethiopia. You will find here different people and cultures inhabit this tech and biz hub. The great diversity of Addis makes it a city to behold; it is a meeting point between ancient culture and modernity. In Addis Ababa, one can visit museums, monuments, go shopping, taste the best of Ethiopian delicacies and beverages. This largest city in Ethiopia is undoubtedly the most beautiful

Dire Dawa

This considered in the biggest cities in Ethiopia of Dire Dawa can steal your heart during your fortnight-long stay. Unlike Addis Ababa and Makelle, Dire Dawa is beautiful, organized and calm. It is situated in the eastern part of Ethiopia, Dire Dawa is a significant hub for the Oromo, Afar and Somali communities. It is also interconnected to Addis Ababa and Harar by road. It is a good starting place to visit if you want to experience an entirely Ethiopian culture.


In the northern Tigary region of Ethiopia, you will find Mekelle.This one of the top cities in Ethiopia home to landmarks, attractions, vacation rentals, hotels, restaurants that offer local dishes and activities like Gheratta Rock, World Sun Ethiopian tours, Derg Bombing Monument (home to victims of the Derg bombing in Hawzien), Martyr’s Memorial (for victims of the Derg government), Yohannes IV Museum (Italian designed stone palace built for Emperor Yohannes now turned museum), Black Rose Lounge Bar, Agobo Ethiopia tours done on camel backs, Dallol Ethiopia tours, Lake Assale, amongst others, that displays contemporary Ethiopia and journeys into Ethiopian history. Mek’ele is one of the most beautiful places in Ethiopia.


Michelle is located in the Northern part of Ethiopia. This best city in Ethiopia is a center of cultural, political and economic activities throughout the year. The city was established in 1872 by Emperor Yohannes IV when he set his palace in the city. Makelle rivals Addis Ababa as an educational and economic center in Ethiopia. Its first growing economy promises a great future for its residents. This beautiful city in Ethiopia famous for its traditional outdoor coffee.

Adama City

Adama is a small city but a vital tourist and transport center in Ethiopia. The town is located 100 kilometers south of Addis Ababa with a sparse population of less than 130, 000 people. This most beautiful city in Ethiopia provides an excellent getaway for residents of Addis Ababa. Adama is famous for its exotic and traditional foods. Roasted lamb to Shiro and injera cuisines can all be found in Adama.


The historical town of Gondar, inhabiting the old Imperial Palace is located in the Semien Gondar Zone of the Amhara Region, north of Tana Lake. The town presents an insight into the history of Jews in Ethiopia and is also home to old stone structures, the Fasilides Bathing Pool, Debre Birhan Selassie church, Ploughshare Women’s Craft Training Centre where traditional handcrafts can be purchased, Empress Mentewab’s Kuskuam Complex, Fassil Ghebbi, amongst others.

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