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Topic is Travel Destination to Ghana. Cape Coast Town, Ancient Slave Castle in Ghana, West Africa


Accra, a capital city having two million inhabitants is full of character and radiates friendliness. Accra has something to make you feel comfortable, whether you’re traveling with a family or as a solo, on your big annual holiday or there for business. Many beaches surrounding the city – particularly Labadi Beach really loved by the tourists. Accra is home to the National Museum where you’ll find many of the country’s historical treasures.


Kumasi was the former capital of Ghana during the existence of the Ashanti kingdom. It is also one of the largest cities in Ghana. Kumasi is a delight to the tourists, it is featured with people and sprawling markets. The place is famous for its gold jewelry, kente cloth as well as wooden stools. So, shopping lovers will enjoy this place because of shops of craft present and the different locations and in the city. If someone wants to know the history of the Ashanti Kingdom, the Manhiya Palace Museum is a good place to visit.

Cape Coast

Cape Coast is one of the most culturally significant spots, biggest cities in Ghana and a former European colonial capital. Originally called Cabo Corso by the Portuguese, the town was once the largest slave-trading center in West Africa. It is the place known as where slaves were brought, locked deep in the towns intimidating castle and then loaded on to vessels heading to the New World. Now with an artsy vibe, Cape Coast is primarily a fishing town. You will find here the old colonial buildings line the streets. For exploring Anomabu, Elmina, and Kakum National Park, use Cape Coast as your base.


Tamale, inhabited primarily by the Mole-Dagomba groups is known to be as the country’s northern capital. There are several gorgeous mosques, the cultural center having craft shops, dance and music performances that can be found here in this best city to visit in Ghana. You’ll find fantastic local and exotic foods here because considered to be the ‘kitchen’ of Ghana. This major city in Ghana also probably one of the most welcoming and fifth fastest-growing cities. Farmers by tradition, this hot and arid land are located close to the Sahara Desert.


Tema, a city distal 25 kilometers from the capital city, Accra. The industrial hub of Ghana. It is a humanmade harbor built-in 1960. It is the 9th largest city in the country with a population of 161, 612. If the business is your motive of visiting Ghana, then you need to be in this City as it is encompassed with numerous warehouses and industries that produce aluminum, refined petroleum, building materials, etc., its beautiful cities in Ghana is the busiest in Ghana making it the leading seaport in Ghana.


This is another popular city to visit in Ghana. It is the capital of the Eastern Region in the South of Ghana; it’s the most relaxed and calm city in Ghana and one of the most beautiful cities as well. The city boasts of housing heavy-duty industries and all other several businesses making it a business area. Also, there are waterfalls in the area such as the Boti Falls and Akaka Falls including beautiful natural landscapes such as the ObuoTabri Mountain all serve as a tourist attraction.

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