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A hidden gem in South America, Guyana invites travelers to discover its pristine rainforests, diverse wildlife, and vibrant cultures. English, the official language, guides you through the colonial streets of Georgetown, the iconic Kaieteur Falls, and the Amerindian villages of the Rupununi Savannah. Whether you’re embarking on a wildlife safari in Iwokrama Forest, exploring the ancient petroglyphs of the Pakaraima Mountains, or cruising along the Essequibo River, Guyana promises an immersive journey into the heart of the Amazon, where nature and culture thrive.

Georgetown's fabulous Gothic city hall captivates with its wooden charm. Historic architecture and world tourism allure.


Welcome to Georgetown, the vibrant capital of Guyana. Explore the historic St. George’s Cathedral, one of the tallest wooden cathedrals in the world, and immerse yourself in its architectural beauty. Discover the lively Stabroek Market, where you can find an array of local produce, crafts, and spices. Take a leisurely stroll along the seawall, offering picturesque views of the Atlantic Ocean. Georgetown invites you to experience its colonial charm, savor the flavors of its diverse cuisine, and embrace the warmth of its friendly locals.


Welcome to Linden, a picturesque town nestled amidst the lush rainforests and rolling hills of Guyana. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the nearby Kaieteur Falls, one of the world’s highest single-drop waterfalls, where the powerful cascades create an awe-inspiring spectacle. Explore the pristine Iwokrama Rainforest, a haven for biodiversity, offering thrilling opportunities to spot diverse wildlife and bird species. Embrace its unspoiled wilderness, and experience the tranquility of this captivating destination.

Anna Regina​

Experience the serene beauty of Anna Regina, a tranquil town nestled along the idyllic Essequibo Coast. Explore the stunning Capoey Lake, a hidden gem surrounded by lush vegetation and teeming with birdlife, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers. Relax on the pristine beaches of Shell Beach, a nesting site for endangered sea turtles. Anna Regina offers a peaceful escape where you can unwind by the river, partake in fishing adventures, and relish the flavors of fresh seafood caught in its waters.

New Amsterdam

Step into the historic town of New Amsterdam, where echoes of Guyana’s colonial past resonate through its architectural gems. Visit the iconic Fort Zeelandia, an imposing Dutch fortress that stands as a testament to the region’s colonial heritage. Explore the vibrant New Amsterdam Market, bustling with vendors selling fresh produce, crafts, and spices. Take a leisurely stroll along the picturesque Berbice River, enjoying serene views of the water and lush landscapes. New Amsterdam invites you to journey through time, and experience the warm hospitality.


Welcome to Bartica, a charming river town cradled by the scenic Essequibo River and the vast Potaro-Siparuni Region. Discover the raw beauty of Marshall Falls, a captivating waterfall surrounded by lush rainforests, inviting you to take a refreshing dip. Experience the thrill of boat tours through the winding river channels, uncovering hidden spots and encountering diverse wildlife. Bartica beckons adventure-seekers to revel in its untamed wilderness, witness breathtaking sunsets over the river, and savor the tranquility of this nature lover’s paradise.


Embrace the vibrant cultural tapestry of Corriverton, a bustling town near the border with Suriname. Immerse yourself in the colorful festivities of Mashramani, Guyana’s Republic Day celebration, where lively parades and dance performances showcase the nation’s rich heritage. Visit the scenic Corentyne River and take a boat tour to explore its charming islands and picturesque landscapes. Discover the warm hospitality of Corriverton’s locals as you indulge in mouthwatering Indo-Guyanese cuisine, a delightful fusion of flavors.

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