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The capital and biggest city of Guyana is Georgetown. It is located on the Atlantic coast of the country on the Demerara River Estuary’s east bank. The parliament and legislative buildings of Guyana are also situated in Guyana. This beautiful city is home to a seaport and the Cheddi Jagan International Airport/Timehri. It is the country’s major international airport that’s also only an hour’s distance from the city.


Linden is Guyana’s second-biggest city and the capital of the Upper Demerara-Berbice region’s. Linden was upgraded to the status of a town in 1970. The city is based on the banks of the Demerara River. Bauxite mining is the most important economic activity carried out in Linden and also the major energy source in Guyana. The bauxite mining activity is a century-old activity in the region.

Anna Regina

The charming city of Anna Regina, as the center of the Essequibo coast, is the starting point for a variety of activities within the laid-back region. The scenic boat ride along the Essequibo river alone is worth the journey. Once there, Hot and Cold Lake are a quiet area where you can fish, swim and relax. This city is also considered in popular cities in Guyana. Capote Lake on the Capoey Amerindian Mission is also ideal for slinging a hammock. You can also catch a stunning view of the rice fields on the ride to Feather Beach, a favorite local swimming hole. In August, Lake Mainstay Resort hosts a regatta on its black-water lake and a party on its white sand. All of these destinations are easily accessible by bus or car from Anna Regina, but keep in mind that traveling to the coast and along the coast is difficult after sunset. 135 mi/217 km southwest of Georgetown.

New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam is the third biggest and best cities in Guyana. It is located in the East Berbice-Corentyne Region of the country. This beautiful city is based on the eastern bank of the Berbice River near the mouth of the river as it enters the Atlantic Ocean. The city serves as an important port in the country. Many old colonial buildings are also present here. Apart from this National Heritage Site, the Mission Chapel is also located in New Amsterdam including several educational institutions, hotels, and a government-run hospital are also can be found here.


Bartica is accessible by road as well as to the Essequibo River. From Bartica to Georgetown there are regular boat services that are also provided. Bartica is one of the famous cities in Guyana. The Essequibo Coast and islands via Parika are also main tourists attraction. Traveling from Georgetown Stabroek Market. Bartica has several taxi services for tourists and a taxi that costs $300 can drop you at Bartica from the capital Geoge town. You can walk everywhere because of it just really a square mile away. All of these are reliable. You will find the Bartica taxi drivers that are so reliable and friendly too.

Port Mourant

Port Mourant is a small and welcoming little town on Guyana’s Atlantic coastal stretches, famed for its prolific output of cricketers (the sound of cork on willow is the usual backing track to daily life here!) and as the birthplace of the county’s revered ‘Father of the Nation’: Dr Cheddi Jagan. The down-to-earth spot is also a great place to glimpse Guyana’s agricultural heartland, with famer’s markets touting fresh fruits straight from the fields. A resident population of students add a youthful edge to the place, while the nearby urban center of Rose Hall is interesting in that it’s Guyana’s smallest town.

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