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Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City is capital, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the major cities in Luxembourg. This city is also a major financial center for much of Europe. You can here spend as much time as possible in the old town by visiting the Grand Ducal Palace, the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Place d’Armes, Adolphe Bridge. The underground defenses are popularly known as the casemates. Apart from this, the Luxembourg City is a thoroughly cosmopolitan place and modern that’s done an incredible job of merging history with modern progress. Check out the fortress of Luxembourg that has been transformed many times over the centuries and make this popular city to visit in Luxembourg more popular. Now highlights of European culture can be found here.


Vianden is located on the German border. This quaint and hilly city on the River Our has two most striking features. One is old-world charm and the second one is Vianden Castle. This castle stands high above the river and built between the 11th and 14th centuries. The castle was a prominent home for Luxembourg royalty for hundreds of years and make this city more well known among the famous cities in Luxembourg. more before falling into ruin for almost as long. Restoration has been ongoing since the 1970s and it’s once again returning to its former glory and now offers some of the most photogenic vistas in the entire country. Above the castle, you will find here a fantastic restaurant. This restaurant is accessible only by chair lift, which has the best views of Vianden and the surrounding mountains. Don’t forget to visit the Victor Hugo museum.


This cozy little town near the German border is the oldest in all of Luxembourg. Because of the laid-back “lazy afternoon ramble” atmosphere of the place, It’s the perfect base camp for exploring the region. If you’re interested in hiking in Mullertal or Cycling along the River Sure just make a plan to stay here. Its natural beauty makes it one of the best cities to visit in Luxembourg. For the last 500 years, pilgrims come every Whit Tuesday for the dancing procession in honor of the town’s founder, St. Willibrord. If you’re coming in May and June, enjoy the International Music Festival, and take a look at the Prehistory Museum, The Basilica, and recently discovered Roman villa at any time of year.


Diekirch takes its name from the nation’s most popular beer and is well-loved by tourists for the colorful local flavor that’s found here. This beautiful city to visit in Luxembourg is located in the north and sitting on the Rive Sure, the mountains that surround Diekirch make incredible vistas at each turn. If you are looking for shopping, cafes, and public concerts and head to the old quarter to see St. Laurentius Church and other old-world homes check out the pedestrian zone. National Museum of Historical Vehicles, the beer museum, and the National Museum of Military History with an exhibit are three great museums to check out is that thoroughly covers the Battle of the Bulge.


Right in the center of Luxembourg, Larochette is ideally located to be your home base for your entire trip through the Grand Duchy. This city to visit in Luxembourg is located between two rivers and the villages slate-roofed homes stand out dramatically beneath the clifftop ruins of a medieval castle called Maison de Change. Be sure to check out the surprising cafes and fine-dining restaurants if you do make it your home base.

You’ll definitely fall in love after coming back to Larochette a day of exploring the different regions and attractions nearby.


Located not far from the city, the ancient town of Marmer offers a great change of pace, with a castle, church, and Roman bath site. There’s also a popular valley train that runs through the countryside, taking in caves and rock formations. One of Luxembourg’s most prosperous towns.

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