Topic is Travel Destination to Mozambique. Church and Fortress of San Antonio on Mozambique Island.


A city of tradition and modernity, Maputo is your best Mozambican destination for culture and families. There is no way Mozambique can be discussed without the mention of Maputo its beautiful capital. Maputo is gives off that vibe of a perfect blend between its colonial history and traditional Mozambican societies.

Vilankulo & the Bazaruto Archipelago

Vilankulo is somewhat a gateway to the more beautiful and uniquely situated Bazaruto Archipelago. The town is a few kilometers from the bay where you can find restaurants and bars, fuel, markets, banks and daily supplies. Bazaruto Archipelago consists of 4 sand islands, two are inhabited (Bazaruto and Benguerra), while the other two remain uninhabited. Bazaruto is known for its glistening aquamarine seas and coral gardens, windblown sand dunes and beautiful coastal hills filled with scrubs and coconut palm groves. You will find the lodges on the island very cozy. A paradise on earth!


Formerly called António Enes after the 19th century Portuguese journalist and colonial administrator, Angoche is an old Muslim trading center founded by refugees from the Kilwa Sultanate (Kilwa is an island off modern-day Tanzania), in the 1490’s. It was an important gold and ivory trading posts and posed a serious threat to the Portuguese settlement in Mozambique until the mid-16th century. Various islands lie offshore the town and though a shadow of its old glory, Angoche is totally worth a visit.


Inhambane is also known as Terra de Boa Gente (Land of Good People). It is situated in southern Mozambique lying on Inhambane bay, 470km northeast of Maputo. The city is also known for its grand colonial architecture and it was established as a Portuguese trading post in 1534. Amazing places you can visit in Inhambane include Tofo, known as the whale shark mecca of the world, Manta Reef, Gallaria and so many more. Also bear in mind that Inhambane is one of the oldest cities in Mozambique.


Pemba is a port town built around a natural large bay, the closest major city to the amazing islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago, a place you should visit when in Pemba. The Quirimbas Islands are world-renowned for their white-sand beaches, pristine Indian Ocean waters and varied landscapes ranging from diving sites to Quirimbas National Park.


Tete is the capital city of the Tete province in Mozambique. Tete is situated on a plateau of the Zambezi River, close to the rich coal mines of Moatize. Although one of the hottest parts of the country, Tete is home to the famous Tete Suspension Bridge which crosses the Zambezi River. About 150km from Tete is the Cabora Bassa Dam, which is the second largest in Africa and supplies power to South Africa, Maputo, Tete and the coal mines in Moatize.

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