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Windhoek is the capital and one of the largest cities in Namibia. This city surrounded by the Khomas Highland plateau area and it is located in the central region of the country. This area has always drawn human inhabitants, due to its location near a permanent spring. The population grew significantly after the construction of a church in 1840. Until after World War II when schools, hospitals, and transportation infrastructure were built next significant growth did not occur. Today Windhoek has become the economic and administrative center of Namibia. This city is also home to the vast majority of jobs in utilities, like finance, business, transport, and communication.


Rundu is known as the second most populated city and one of the cities to visit in Namibia. Having a population of 58,172 people this city is located in the northern area of the country It is also the capital of the Kavango-East Region. Since 1936 it has been the capital of this region. The Rundu Open Market was a project developed between the government of Namibia and the government of Luxembourg. the local economy here revolves around this. The largest city in the region and the Namibian Defence Force, a military base also build here. Woodcarving is a common economic activity here, you will find everywhere in the city.

Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay is a busy harbor city with thriving fishing industry and sea salt production plant. This is one of the important cities in Namibia there are many good restaurants, cafes and bars and a variety of affordable and comfortable accommodation options. The large natural Lagoon where thousands of seabirds, both resident and migratory, flourish is one of the biggest attractions of Walvis Bay. Flamingos and Pelicans are joined by at least 200 000 migratory species. Along the Namibian coast to Swakopmund, the Langstrand is the 30 km drive. This drive is one of the most scenic and a must for visitors on their way to a Namibia resort holiday. On the outskirts of the city, the famous Dune 7 is the highest sand dune in the area, once visitors have climbed to the top they can enjoy a great view.


With a pleasant summer temperature, Swakopmund is a very popular Namibian seaside resort. The water is usually a bit chilly for swimming due to the cold Benguela current and fog hovers over the town until around midday. There are many interesting historic buildings and a lighthouse standing 21 meters high. Visitors can see sharks and stingrays here because it is one of the newest attractions the aquarium giving examples of marine life along the Namibian coast. Along the dune lined coastline north or south, the drives are very scenic. This is one of the popular cities in Namibia where the desert meets the ocean. Dunes and crystal clear water invite the visitors to take part in various outdoor activities, like quad biking, sand-boarding or dolphin cruises.


This is a small city in Namibia on 70km north of Windhoek. This city is located at the sandy riverbed of the Okavango River. It is the commercial center of this area. Once a year there is a colorful local festival on the Sunday before 26 August, called Maharero Day, great festivities are held to honor the ancestors of Okahandja. Arts and crafts can be found at 2 centers in the town. About 30 minutes away in the south-west are the hot springs of Gross Barmen. This city in Namibia is situated on the highway between Windhoek and Swakopmund. The Heckert Tourist Centre in Main Street is worth visiting, as displayed on large grounds, are the greatest offers in jewelry, precious and semi-precious stones.


On the north of Karibib, there is the small city name of Omaruru. Located on the bank of the Omaruru river this city has excellent groundwater supply. This beautiful city in Namibia appears lush and green despite the fact that the river is usually dry. This city is the home of artists and crafters, giving it an international feel. Karen Johnston, an American jewelry designer, and artist have established a unique art and craft center and coffee shop in Main Road, really quite unlike any other. There are a number of interesting caves to explore in the Erongo Mountains nearby.

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