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Koror is one of the largest cities in Palau and also the main commercial center of the Republic of Palau. The most prominent being Koror Island consists of several islands. Having a population of 14,000 as of 2004, it contains about 70% of the population of the country the nation’s former capital and largest town. Now the city has a population of 11,200 and Ngerulmud replaced Koror as Palau’s capital city. Much of Palau’s economy comes from tourism. All the Rock Islands of Palau located in this city. facilities of scuba diving and shops are located all over Koror. Accommodations like hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes, and resorts are all available.                                                              


Ngerulmud, a locality in the State of Melekeok, is the capital of Palau. Although the capital was originally located in Koror (designated as the “provisional capital”), with the added requirement that this occurs “not later than ten (10) years after the effective date of this Constitution”. It is known as one of the major cities in Palau. New capital had been planned as early as 1986 when a contract for the construction of the capitol complex was assigned to a Hawaiʻi-based architecture firm, but further progress was not made until the early 2000s. The complex cost over US$45 million, and was officially opened on 7 October 2006, with over 5,000 people in attendance.

Topic is Travel Destination to Palau

Rock Islands

Rock Islands is an incredible place that should not be missed on any vacation in Palau. It is the most interesting site for diving in Palau and a place of scenic natural beauty. Rock Islands comprise of a number of islands which form a lagoon, connecting the two palau islands – Koror and Peleliu. The islands in the lagoon are uninhabited and they are often considered the most beautiful place in Palau by tourists. The islands can be visited on a boat tour or during a diving tour. The most interesting point here is the Ngermeaus Island and its famous lake with stingless jellyfish. The Rock Islands are UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Ngaraard was originally named Kerradel. It is the eighth state of the Republic of Palau. Garrard is located on the northern tip of Babeldaob directly adjacent to Ngarchelong state. Including Choll, Elab, Ngebuked, Ngkeklau and the state capital, there are five hamlets in Ngaraard. It is considered in one of the best cities to visit in Palau. On the eastern shore of the state, Ulimang is located. The capital of Ngaraard was the village of Ngebuked, previously where the traditional leader of the state. Maderangebuked lived and reigned. “Everyone works together as one in spirit and in the heart,” it is a saying in Ngaraard.


Melekeok is a famous city in Palau in the State of Melekeok. This city is located on the east coast of Palau’s largest island, Babeldaob. Located 2 km from the village of Melekeok, the settlement of Ngerulmud, became the seat of Palau’s government, replacing Koror, in October 2006.


In the tiny Pacific island nation of Palau, Meyuns is the second-most populous city. Meyuns is comparable in population to Palau’s third-largest city, Airai with a population of approximately 1,000. This top city in Palau is located in the State of Koror, where the nation’s largest city, also called Koror, is located. Meyuns is on Ngerekebesang Island, unlike the city of Koror along with the towns of Ngerekebesang and Echang. Where the city of Koror is situated, it is linked by a causeway to Oreor Island. the largest hospital in the country Meyuns is the location of Belau National Hospital.

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