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Freetown is situated in the Western region of the country. Besides being the capital city of Sierra Leone, it is also a major port city on the Atlantic Ocean. John Clarkson, African American ex-slaves, and free people are known as the Nova Scotian Settlers established the city on March 11th, 1792, making Freetown the oldest capital created by African Americans. The city of Sierra Leone’s primary economic growth is dependent on the harbor which occupies a segment of the Sierra Leone River Estuary which is one of the largest deepwater harbors in the world. The city is known for a culturally diverse population of different ethnicities and religions. Since it is home to all of Sierra Leone’s people in Freetown there no particular ethnic group that dominates the population. Freetown is not only the best cities to visit in Sierra Leone but also the political, economic, cultural, financial, and educational center of the country.


Bo is one of the top cities in Sierra Leone located in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone, and the whole urban center is commonly known as Bo Town. It is the biggest city in the southern province and the second-largest city in Sierra Leone serving as the administrative center and capital of Bo district. Having a population of about 233,684, just like Freetown, Bo has an ethnically diverse population and also home to the Mende people. The primary language is the Krio of the city. Njala University, the city houses the second largest university in Sierra Leone. Bo is also headed by a chairman and administered by the city committee.




Topic is Travel Destination to Sierra Leone. Photograph of a beautiful empty beach in Sierra Leone, West Africa.


Kenema is one of the biggest and beautiful cities in Sierra Leone. This city is located in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone the main economic center of the province. Much the same as Freetown and Bo, Kenema is home to an ethnically differing populace whose fundamental lingo is the Krio language. Kenema is likewise administered by a chosen city chamber and headed by a Mayor. Football is a significant piece of Kenema’s way of life being home to one of Sierra Leone’s most acclaimed worldwide footballer known as Mohamed Kallon.


Located in the Northern Province is Makeni city which is the capital of the Bombali district and the largest city and economic center in the Province. Makeni is one of the best cities in Sierra Leone and the fourth largest city in the country. The University of Makeni is Makeni’s largest private university in Sierra Leone and St. Francis Secondary School is one of Sierra Leone’s most prominent schools. The Temne people account for the largest ethnic group in the city despite Makeni being ethnically diverse just like the other major cities in the country. Krio is a widely spoken language. Makeni is also headed by a chairman and administered by the city committee.

Koidu Town

Located in the Eastern Province is Koidu Town which is not only the largest city in that province but the capital of Kono District which rich in a diamond. Koidu town is viewed as the fourth-biggest city by the population in Sierra Leone after Freetown, Bo, Kenema, and Makeni with a populace of 92,770. Koidu Town is ethnically differing, and the essential language is the Krio language. This top city to visit in Sierra Leone is home to two of the ten most rough and largest diamonds in the world and was found in the Woyie River which flows through the city.


Lungi is actually a magnet for travelers who are eager to be in the action but don’t want to bed down right in the midst of frenetic Freetown although best-known for the Freetown International Airport that it hosts. It is one of the famous cities to visit in Sierra Leone. The beachfront stretch that hurries toward the south here is really home to tons of extravagant retreat lodgings, only a short drive north from the capital. You will find here sun-kissed beaches that offer to tourists a seemingly endless stretch of golden sand. These sandy beaches are ripe for beachcombing and people watching.

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