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Singapore, city, capital of the Republic of Singapore. It occupies the southern part of Singapore Island. Its strategic position on the strait between the Indian Ocean and South China Sea, complemented by its deepwater harbour, has made it the largest port in Southeast Asia and one of the world’s greatest commercial centres. The city, once a distinct entity, so came to dominate the island that the Republic of Singapore essentially became a Singapore—known variously as the “Lion City” or “Garden City,” the latter for its many parks and tree-lined streets—has also been called “instant Asia” because it offers the tourist an expeditious glimpse into the cultures brought to it by immigrants from all parts of Asia.


A planning area that is in the western part of Singapore, one can find the Choa Chu Kang in the Northeast as well as Jurong West in the South, there is the famous Butik Batok in the east as well as Western Water Catchment in the north. Tengah was once restricted as an area by the military and is now reserved for future housing developments that is the newest housing and development board town that has been made. After this place got demilitarized, it got divided into park, plantation, forest hill, market place as well as Brickland Districts. Tengah will also have its southwestern portion to be developed as an industrial area.                                                                      

Topic is Travel Destination to Singapore

Pulao Ujong

Pulau Ujong is one great place in the island of Singapore Island that is also known as Mainland Singapore which is the main island of Singapore. Pulao Ujong is an important part of the Malay Archipalego which is at the tip of the Peninsular Malaysia. This island has the largest of populations and is one of the most majorly populated places in the world. This place houses the famous Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, which is a really popular and huge red-and-gold building that has one of the teeth of Buddha. There are many religious places that one can witness here such as vibrant Sri Mariamman Hindu temple, Sultan Mosque, Lian Shan Shuang Lin Buddhist monastery, etc. One can also find many opportunities for shopping at the huge malls that are there on Orchard Road as well as get some of the best bargains at the stylish boutiques which are in the Kampong Glam neighborhood. One can also go ahead and purchase beautiful souvenirs from the Little India offers colourful souvenirs and some fabrics from Arab Street. Best Places To Visit In Pulao Ujon: East coast beach, Palawan beach, Castle Beach, Changi beach, Woodland, Pasir Ris etc.

Jurong East

Jurong East is a planned residential town that is based in the western area of Singapore. Jurong East has the border of Jurong West as well as Boon Lay. This city is totally well equipped with all the modern facilities and is one of the most famous cities of Singapore. Best Places To Visit In Jurong East: One cannot miss these places in Jurong East named Jurong Lake Park, Pandan Gardens Park Connector, Jurong Park Connector, Hong Kah East Neighborhood Park, Yuhua Village Neighborhood Park, Pandan Gardens Leisure Park, Pandan Reservoir Fitness Corner, Jurong Country Club, Toh Guan Neighborhood Park, etc.


Yishun was once famous by the name of Nee Soon, this is another residential town which is well planned and is based in the northeastern part of the north of Singapore which can be availed on Singapore holiday packages from Delhi, Chennai, Kerala, Kolkata, Mumbai etc. Best Places To Visit In Yishun: There are some wonderful places that one can visit in Yishun such as Holy Tree Sri Balasubramaniyar Temple, Masjid Darul Makmur, Our Lady Star of The Sea Catholic Church, Chong Pang Combined Temple (Yishun Columbarium), Nam Hong Siang Thong, Chern Nam Kong Siew Temple, North Point City, GV Yishun etc.

Butik Batok

Bukit Batok is one great well planned area that form this residential town which is one of its kinds. Butik Batok happens to be the 25th largest, the 12th most populous and the 11th most densely populated planning area in Singapore and is one of its kinds that is on Gombak Norite that is a geological formation that is really high in concentration at the area and is an igneous rock that is one of the most major locations in Singapore. Best Places To Visit In Burik Batok: Bukit Timah Nature reserve, Bukit Timah Hill, Dairy farm nature’s park, Chinese garden, Hillview Mansion, Rifle Range Nature park, Butik Batok Town Park, Butik Batook Nature’s park etc.

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