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Damascus is the capital and best cities to visit in Syria with a population of 1,414,913. It is also known as “City of Jasmine,” and it is located in South-western Syria embedded on the eastern foothill of the Anti-Lebanon mountain range. Damascus has been occupied since the second half of the seventh millennium but it gained its prominence when Aram-Damascus was founded by Ezron when he overthrew the city’s tribal governor. Damascus has been a significant trade community since its establishment. The city is additionally tourism with bottomless social riches. The chronicled destinations in the city go back to various times of history. It is additionally the basic structure in Syria with the most established and biggest university.


Aleppo is the capital city of Aleppo Governorate, Syrian’s most populous governorate. The population of 2,132,100 people makes Syria the largest city. It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited and main cities in Syria having been inhabited since the 6th millennium BC. The long history of Aleppo is attributed to its strategic trading location between modern Iraq and the Mediterranean Sea. With the inauguration of the Suez Canal in 1869Aleppo’s decline began which diverted trade to the sea. Aleppo is characterized by medieval architecture and rich cultural heritage which has been preserved from Ottoman rule. The Battle of Aleppo which began in 2012 and the Syrian Civil War, has caused massive destruction to the city. Aleppo is a major center of Arabic traditional and classical music including Tarab.

Topic is Travel Destination to Syria. Norias in Hama during the night.


 Emesa is located in Western Syria in the north of Damascus, and it is the capital of Homs Governorate. It is one of the famous cities in Syria. Homs was a major industrial center before the Syrian Civil War and it had a population of approximately 652,609 people in 2004. Historically the city was the capital of the Emasany dynasty and a center of worship for the sun god El-Gabal. During the Ottoman rule, Homs declined but regained its economic importance with the revival of the cotton industry. The city was the fortification of the resistance during the Syrian Civil War. A significant part of the city has been obliterated in the war with a few of its residents dead.


Homs or Hims is one of the important cities in Syria and it is located at the prolific Orontes River (Naher al-Aassi, – Assi implies Rebel since the river runs northwards) Valley in the focal point of Syria, between Damascus (162 Km South) and Aleppo (193 Km north). It is extremely near the coast (Tartus, 96 Km West) and isn’t a long way from Hama (47 Km) toward the north and Palmyra (155 Km) toward the southeast. Homs is the main normal portal from the Mediterranean coast to the inside. 


Latakia (Al ladhiqiyah) Is the fundamental ocean port of Syria on the Mediterranean. It is located on the low-lying Ra’s Ziyarah projection that tasks into the Mediterranean Sea. This top city in Syria was known as the Phoenicians as Ramitha and to the Greeks as Leuke Akte. Its present name is a debasement of Laodicea, for the mother of Seleucus II (third century BC).  Latakia has held its significance since old occasions. As Latakia is the sea-gate to Syria, It is well-furnished with the settlement and is well-set as a base from which to discover the beachfront areas of the nation.


Tartus or Tartous with more than 160 000 peoples that makes it one of the most important cities in Syria after Latakia. It is situated on the Mediterranean coast inverse Arwad Island and It is around 90 km from Homs, 251 km from Damascus, 105 km from Hama, and 90 km from Latakia. Tartus has grown quickly over the ongoing years and has about lost its appeal as a little angling town. Attractions include the old city and a city divider that jelly the magnificence of the old city. The beaches and water are perfect, and the lodging is brilliant. There are numerous hotels and cafés in the zone. 

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