Topic is Travel Destination to Thailand. Aerial view of Bangkok skyline and skyscraper with light trails on Sathorn Road center of business in Bangkok downtown. Panorama of Taksin Bridge over Chao Phraya River Bangkok Thailand at sunset.
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One of the most popular places to visit in the whole of Southeast Asia, Thailand´s capital is a remarkable city with so much to see and do. With skyscrapers dominating the skyline, expansive markets spreading through the streets and a plethora of glimmering shrines and temples dotted about; it’s easy to see why so many people head here. The Grand Palace is a must-see in this thriving city as is the impressive temple of Wat Pho with its giant Reclining Buddha. On top of all this Bangkok has a bustling nightlife and sumptuous Thai cuisine which helps attract travelers; many of whom who head to Khao San Road which is the center of the tourist area.


Formerly a beach resort for American GIs during the Vietnam War, Pattaya is definitely not for everyone as go-go bars, massage parlours and sex tourism are its primary draws. With a large gay scene, straight and gay men alike flock to the city to enjoy its raucous nightlife and plethora of bars and clubs. Despite its reputation, local authorities have attempted to clean up its image and there are now a wide range of watersports, shopping centers and entertainment facilities on offer. Remarkably this has seemed to work quite well and a different type of tourist is now visiting Pattaya although the sex scene is still the primary draw – for now.

Topic is Travel Destination to Thailand

Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is located in the far north of the country and is most famous for the jaw-droppingly beautiful White Temple that shines so brightly in the midday sun. Incredible to behold, the temple really needs to be seen to be believed with its unique features and dazzling architecture. Many people use the city itself as a base to explore the surrounding area which includes some stunning scenery and access to the Golden Triangle. Lying at the point where Laos, Myanmar and Thailand meet, visiting the Golden Triangle is a bit anticlimactic if truth be told as there is not actually that much there. The best thing to see here is the Hall of Opium which is a great museum that explains the role of the drug in the area´s local history and the world in general. Afterwards, head to the lovely Khun Korn waterfall to refresh and revitalise yourself for the rest of your trip!


Not far from Bangkok lies the historic Ayutthaya; once the largest city in the world back in 1700! Although much of the city was destroyed, the incredible remains and ruins hint at Autthaya´s glorious past. Exploring the ancient sites such as the stunning Wat Phra Si Sanphet and the awe-inspiring Wat Phu Khao Thong is a mesmerising experience and, after having had your fill of the plethora of historical sites; head to the floating market in the city. Here you can take in the delights of the market by boat, floating around peacefully.

Chiang Mai

With over 300 temples in the city; there are loads of cool places to discover! Chiang Mai is a charming and laidback city which is perfect for relaxing in after a hectic time traveling around the country. Why not indulge yourself with some Thai massages or treat your taste buds with some of the wealth of delicious street food on offer? The main draw here is its quaint old town in the center of the city with peaceful narrow lanes to wander and explore. The most famous temple Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep lies just outside the city on a hilltop overlooking Chiang Mai – head here for a fantastic view.


Located on the banks of the Kwai Noi and Kwai Yai rivers, the city is primarily known for the Bridge over the River Kwai – the Death Railway that horrifically transported so many people to their deaths in World War Two. While the accompanying museums are well worth a visit as are the temples that dot the city, Kanchanaburi´s delightful surroundings and breathtaking scenery also make for some lovely hiking. The Sai Yok Noi Falls are great to visit as is Erawan Falls which is located in the nearby Erawan National Park.

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