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 With a population size of 837,437, the most populated city in Togo is Lomé. This city covers an area of 30 square miles and located in the Gulf of Guinea. It is the principal seaport, industrial center, and capital of Togo. By foreign interests, including British, German, and African traders, it was established in the 1800s. It became the capital of what was then Togoland in 1897 and the population was only around 2,000. As one of the biggest cities in Togo, a free trade zone is also provided by Lomé.  Such as cocoa, coffee, cotton, phosphates, and palm oil most of the exports leaving from here. The University of Lomé and the tallest building in the country, and the Hotel Corinthia this city is also home to it. Although recent political instability has threatened its growth Lomé also has a promising tourist industry.


Sokodé is the second-main city in Togo if we consider population size. With a population of around 113,000, it is located at an altitude of 1,120 feet above sea level in the central region of the country. Along the kola nut trade route between Benin and Ghana, this area has been inhabited since before the colonial era as an important stop. The 70% are Muslim populations living here which represents the highest percentage anywhere in the country. Trade and handicrafts are the main economic source. Industrial endeavors are found limited here. Include cassava, pepper, yams, corn, and beans, principally agricultural products here.

Topic is Travel Destination to Togo


Togoville is rarely a city blessed with a small clutch of Voodoo shrines and mud-brick huts. These things inspire moniker for the entire nation. In the small town of Togo, but that’s precisely what happened here.  (as it was known then). The expeditionary Nachtigal signed in 1884 and an agreement with the chieftain of the land for German hegemony to extend to this part of West Africa. It is considered in one of the beautiful cities in Togo. Now, tourists can still see copies of the interesting evidence, providing they ask the tribal leader nicely. Along the lakeshore for strolling, other draws include a pretty colonial cathedral and a series of little beaches.


Kara is one of the best cities in Togo and the third most populated city in the country. Having a population size of 94,878, the city is located in the northern part of the country in the Kara region. The people of this city relies on the Kara River for household and agricultural water needs are fulfilled by this river. Congress Hall, hotels, banks, markets, and a brewery, Kara is home to it. Agriculture and cash crops like cotton, cocoa, and coffee are the principal economic activity is subsistence.


 Agbodrafo is known for its popular resort hotel named the Hotel le Lac, this big city in Togo on the banks of Lake Togo that’s worth a visit. This stunning terraces and a luxurious medley of shimmering al fresco pools offering guests a luxurious stay on the side of the country’s famous lagoon. The city itself is also known for its proliferation of watersports. From pedal boating to jet skiing out on the surface it’s possible to organize everything. Complete with its rolling waves and stretches of sand, on the other side of the town, to the south, in the Atlantic Ocean.


Aneho was once the capital of German Togo. With the money and dubious merchandise of slave traders from across Africa and Europe Aneho once boomed. The top 5 major cities in Togo is incomplete without it. Yep, today relying heavily on the fruits of the Atlantic to feed its clutch of locals and the erstwhile kingpin of the colonial age here is now just a sleepy little fishing village. The locals of this city are earthy and interesting who still have a deep zeal for the national Voodoo faith. There are also Christian shrines to see and the duo of churches. 

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