Trinidad and Tobago

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The biggest city in Trinidad is Chaguanas which is located in the central region of the Trinidad island. Since before the British colonial era This area has been inhabited, however, until the nearby sugar, cocoa, and coconut estates were established significant population growth did not begin. Chaguanas is also known as the fastest growing city in the country. Because of the city’s lower cost of real estate this growth was first encouraged and opportunities for bargain shopping. This city is also known as the hub’s largest producer of aluminum doors and windows, clay building blocks throughout the English-speaking countries of the Caribbean, and PVC doors and windows.

San Fernando

 San Fernando is the second most populated and one of the important cities in Trinidad and Tobago. This city covers an area of 7.2 square miles and located along the southwestern coast of Trinidad. This area was first named San Fernando in 1784 although previously inhabited.  Due to surrounding sugar plantations when it grew in size. This city was home to the largest sugar refinery in the world during the 19th century. Particularly in response to the oil boom of the late 20th century, Cacao and petroleum industries led to further growth.

Topic is Travel Destination to Trinidad and Tobago. Scenery of a Caribbean beach with tall palm trees and sunny blue skies.


Founded by Spanish colonialists during the 16th century this city is the capital of Trinidad and Tobago. Until 1757, it did not become the capital. It had a population of 3,000, approximately 30 years later. Its population grew to 100,000 although the increase in commercial activity pushed most of the residents to the surrounding suburbs during the mid-20th century. Today, the best cities in Trinidad and Tobago has an interesting mix of colonial-style buildings, undeveloped settlements, and modern high-rises. The city is known as a shopping and commercial center and the economy is based on public administration.


Arima is one of the best cities to visit in Trinidad. The city is around 30 minutes’ drive from the port of Spain and one of the most famous beaches of the Trinidad can be found here. The city is extremely beautiful and is very calm. You will find a lot of food vendors and shower places on the beach you can get here. The major points of interest are very close to the city and the beautiful golden sand looks very relaxing.


Scarborough is located on the southern part of Tobago island and it is accessible only by the boat from the capital. It is home to the liveliest beach of the twin-island. It is one of the popular cities in Trinidad and Tobago. The water on the beach is very calm and clear and the perfect place to swim. If you are in Tobago, then you ought to visit this city. Your swimming experience really great because of the warm water on the beach.


Piarco is considered one of the beautiful cities in Trinidad and Tobago and the most beautiful beach of Tobago Island can be found here. It is commonly known as the heritage city of the country and the white sand is nothing but mesmerizing. The main attraction is the Nylon pool and it needs an entry fee and it encompasses the snack bars, changing rooms, various shops and thatch covering seating.  The sun lounges can be taken on rent. 

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