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Dubai is one of the seven emirates that combine together to form the UAE. This global city is essentially a desert city. Dubai is mainly known for its lavish architecture, incredible skylines. For vacationers from all around the globe a plethora of tourist landmarks making it an ideal vacation spot. According to many tourists and travelers, it remains one of the popular cities in the United Arab Emirates. If you want to travel just book your tickets between November to April because it is a perfect time to travel Dubai.

Abu Dhabi

With the flair of traditional values combined with the modernism of the 21st century, Abu Dhabi is a luxurious metropolitan city in UAE. It is the largest of the seven Emirates, one of the big cities in the United Arab Emirates and referred to as a shopperês paradise. The best modern and historic architecture making it a must-visit destination and the city is dotted with some of the worldês. If you are making plans late October to April is the best time to go and Louvre Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Ferrari World are the major tourist attractions.

Topic is Travel Destination to United Arab Emirates


Al-Ain literally translates to ‘the spring’ in English, and once it was a vital oasis on caravan route from UAE to Oman. The oasis is still open to tourists. On the UAE – Oman border, Al Ain stands and is a small and sleepy city away from the hustle-bustle of the richest cities in UAE like Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It is largely known for its greenery, Jebel Hafeet  Al Ain Zoo Al Jahili Fort and is a beautiful sight to view in the midst of a desert. October to April is always the best time to travel to this city. 

Ras Al Khaimah

One of the most scenic emirates and one of the main cities in UAE, Ras Al-Khaimah is nestled along the Persian Gulf Coast at the northern end. This city is a perfect retreat for locals & tourists with its serene and long sandy beaches and calm environment. The city is known for Jebel Jais, Jazirat Al Hamra, Ras Al-Khaimah, and National Museum. October to mid-April is one of the ideal times to travel to this city.


Sharjah is known to be the art capital of the United States of Emirates. Through its landscape, Sharjah displays its history and heritage. Lots of museums and conservative living are the things you must see. Because of its beauty, Sharjah is known for Sharjah Desert Park, Al Qasba  Sharjah Aquarium and October to April is the best time to visit this one of the smart cities in the United Arab Emirates.


This youngest city in UAE is an industrial city settled along the east coast still reflecting an essence of simplicity in its lifestyle. This important city in the United Arab Emirates is known for these places like Fujairah Fort, Fujairah Village, Snoopy Island, and Al Bidyah Mosque. September to December and January to March are the perfect months to travel this city.

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