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Famous Triathlon Cyclists

While triathlon is a multisport event that combines swimming, cycling, and running, there are several notable triathletes who have excelled in the cycling portion of the sport. These athletes have showcased their cycling prowess and achieved success in various triathlon competitions. Here are a few famous triathletes who are recognized for their cycling abilities:

Cameron Wurf is an Australian triathlete known for his cycling background. Prior to his triathlon career, he competed as a professional cyclist and raced in the Tour de France. 

Sebastian Kienle is a German triathlete and former UCI Continental-level cyclist.  Kienle won the Ironman World Championship in 2014, where his dominant bike leg played a crucial role in his victory.

Andrew Starykowicz, an American triathlete, is known for his exceptional cycling abilities. He has set multiple records for the fastest bike splits in Ironman-distance races.

These athletes have demonstrated their exceptional cycling abilities within the triathlon context. While they excel in the bike leg, they are also highly skilled in swimming and running, making them formidable triathletes. It’s worth noting that triathlon is a demanding sport that requires proficiency in all three disciplines, and these athletes have achieved great success through their hard work and dedication. 

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