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Stay updated with developments in the dynamic world of hospitality. In an age where travelers’ expectations are evolving faster than ever, the hospitality industry stands as a crucible of innovation and refinement. This journey revolves around an unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction, as luxury suites, delectable cuisines, and intuitive service converge to orchestrate symphonies of comfort that transcend mere accommodation.

Hospitality News and Trends

The hospitality industry expects staff shortages to continue in the coming years

Personnel shortages in the Dutch hospitality industry are expected to continue in the coming years; Royal Horeca Netherlands (KHN) predicted this. According to the trade association, this is mainly due to an aging population and fewer young people being available for work in restaurants, cafes, and hotels.

For example, KHN has noticed that the number of young people following vocational training for a catering job has declined for years. While more than 35,000 students were still enrolled in a course in the 2017-2018 school year, in the 2021-2022 school year, this had decreased by 17 percent to more than 29,000, according to the trade association. Combined with the aging population, this affects the recruitment of new people. (Read more at

In the travel industry, ‘sustainable tourism’ gives way to ‘regenerative hospitality’

Sustainable tourism’s mission is to lower the negative social and environmental impacts of travel and vacations. That was only a small part of the discussions at the IMPACT Sustainability Travel and Tourism conference in Victoria, British Columbia in January. The main discussions both onstage and off were about “regenerative hospitality,” a reframing of sustainable tourism towards solutions that heal the damages done to our environmental, social and economic systems. This evolution in language reflects the industry’s shift to doing more good than just less harm, and was seen throughout the project examples shared at the conference. (Read more at

Toronto's hard-hit hospitality industry gets an assist from NHL All-Star weekend. But is it a big economic win?

During the lean years of the pandemic, the idea of a full house is something Trevor Brodie wondered if he’d ever see again.

This week, says the general manager of lakeside brew pub Amsterdam Brewhouse, he’s expecting big crowds almost every night. And there’s no mistaking the reason why: The NHL all-star game is in town, showcasing top players, including the Maple Leafs’ Auston Matthews.

For an industry still digging out from under two years of on-and-off lockdowns and capacity restrictions, the game — and other associated events in the downtown core — are a welcome bit of relief. (Read more at

Casa de las Artes, Member of Meliá Collection

The hotel, formerly known as Madrid Atocha Affiliated by Meliá and located in the literary heart of Madrid, has undergone a complete renovation and will reopen under the Meliá Collection brand, in response to the increasing demand for luxury accommodations in the capital city. (Read more at

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