McDonald's makes plans to enter the Metaverse

The virtual world called Metaverse has become an extremely powerful attraction, both for ordinary users, as well as for companies, organizations and giants from different fields.

Since Mark Zuckerberg publicly announced that Facebook would change its name to start being known as “Meta”, a wave of movement has been unleashed by different companies that also seek to be part of this new virtual universe.

McDonald's in the metaverse

According to the fast food giant’s plans, people will soon be able to order their popular burgers and fries from the metaverse to receive them at the door of their homes in the real world.

To carry out its plans, McDonald’s filed ten trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office – USPTO on February 4th. Such applications include well-known brands such as McDonald’s and McCafe, to be part of a virtual restaurant that will have the ability to deliver food orders both in the metaverse and in the real world.

These are the initiatives that the renowned fast food franchise has carried out, with the aim of making a place for itself in the digital universe.

What can you expect from this foray into the virtual world?

The applications made by McDonald’s are called “trademarks”, and these cover virtual food products as well as beverages. They also include the well-known NFTs or non-fungible tokens, which work in a virtual restaurant with the home delivery service.

On the other hand, these requests also cover entertainment services and events registered under the McDonald’s and McCafe brands, which would apply to both real online services and virtual concerts.

According to what was posted on Twitter by Josh Gerben, a trademark attorney, users while enjoying the metaverse will be able to go to a McDonald’s to place their orders without disconnecting, and they will receive what they requested a few minutes later at their doorstep.

You only have to wait for the approval of the applications by the USPTO, which normally takes between eight to nine months. During this period, the US Patent and Trademark Office performs a series of reviews required by law, to subsequently proceed with the corresponding approval.

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Other brands looking for a space in the Metaverse

Although the main use that is given to the virtual universe today is for games, the big brands have already started working to carve out a place for themselves in the metaverse. This world of virtual reality is still under development, but the possibilities and potential it presents are infinite, hence the interest of organizations in it.

Before McDonald’s took its first steps with the intention of being part of the metavese, other brands had already mobilized their ranks to achieve the same goal.

An example is the bakery of American origin called “Panera Bread”, which applied on February 3 for a trademark for the “Paneraverse”. This application includes NFT, a rewards program, and entertainment services of a virtual nature.

But food companies aren’t the only ones with plans to be part of the virtual reality world. Well-known international brands such as Gucci, Microsoft, Nike and Walmart will also seek a place in the metaverse.


If the incursion of the big brands into the virtual world continues apace, it is possible that in a few years we will be able to access all, or a large part, of what we have in real life, in the digital version of the universe.

What brand or company would you like to be part of the virtual universe?