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Send your loved one a message to be displayed at BlahFace.com.
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example@example.com (not publicly displayed). If entry is "private" secret keycode will be sent to that e-mail so make sure it's correct before submitting. BlahFace is not responsible for bounced/lost emails due to typos.
real first name
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self-destruct within 48 hours from time submitted as Secret Code will not work thereafter (no exceptions).

Your email address is safe with us and will not be publicly displayed online.


  1. Write your loved one a message and double-check the info, press the button to submit;
  2. If your form submit indicates “Make entry Public” you will NOT receive a secret code. Ask the message recipient to visit the above link (Click Here to Read Message Submittals) to locate and read your public message.  NOTE:  The public entry posting happens automatically so be SURE you wish for the message to be public.  Once the message is submitted, it will indeed be public.
  3. If you marked “Make entry Private” you WILL receive a secret code.  Give the code to the message recipient.  Ask the message recipient to visit the link above (Click Here to Read Message Submittals) and insert the secret code in the Search box labeled “Search Your Private Message”.  Once the correct code is inserted, the private message will display below.
  4. Wish to have the entry deleted?  Contact us.  We will only delete an entry if the delete request is received from the same email account which made the initial submittal entry.

Contact us if you have any questions.  Thanks you.