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Umaro Sissoco Embalo
6th President of Guinea-Bissau
Assumed office
27 February 2020
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Guinea-Bissau, a West African nation, operates as a semi-presidential republic. This political structure involves both a President, who serves as the head of state, and a Prime Minister, who is responsible for the day-to-day governance of the country.

The President is elected through popular vote for a five-year term and appoints the Prime Minister, typically the leader of the majority party or coalition in the National People’s Assembly, a unicameral legislature with 102 members elected through proportional representation for four-year terms.

Guinea-Bissau boasts a multi-party system, reflecting diverse interests, often resulting in coalition governments. The judiciary is independent, with the Supreme Court as the highest legal authority. Local governance is organized through regional and sectoral councils. The nation’s constitution, adopted in 1984 with subsequent amendments, provides the legal foundation for its political and legal systems. 

Regular elections, including presidential, legislative, and local elections, are held to select leaders and representatives, though the country has faced political instability and challenges since gaining independence from Portugal in 1974.

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