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HONDURAS - President Xiomara Castro
Xiomara Castro
President of Honduras
Assumed office
27 January 2022
Image credit

Honduras, situated in Central America, is a democratic republic with a presidential system of government. The President is both the head of state and government, serving a four-year term.  Xiomara Castro is the President, representing the National Party.  The National Congress of Honduras, a unicameral legislative body with 128 members, makes up the country’s legislative branch. Members are elected for four-year terms through a mixed electoral system.

Honduras has experienced political instability, corruption, and violence in recent years, with challenges like drug trafficking and poverty contributing to these issues. Additionally, concerns have been raised about the rule of law and human rights violations.

The judiciary in Honduras is independent, but it faces challenges related to corruption and political influence, impacting its effectiveness. Honduras maintains diplomatic relations with various countries and is a member of international organizations, including the United Nations and the Organization of American States.

In summary, Honduras is a presidential democracy with a history of political and social challenges. Issues like corruption, crime, and poverty continue to shape the country’s political landscape, while efforts to strengthen democratic institutions and the rule of law remain ongoing.

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