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MAURITIUS - Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth
Pravind Jugnauth
5th Prime Minister of Mauritius
Assumed office 23 January 2017
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Mauritius is a parliamentary democracy with a political structure characterized by a multi-party system. The country’s political system closely resembles the British model due to its historical ties to the United Kingdom. Mauritius is a republic, and the President of Mauritius serves as the head of state. The President is generally a ceremonial figure and is elected by the National Assembly, the country’s legislative body, for a five-year term.

The Prime Minister of Mauritius is the head of government and holds the most significant executive authority. The Prime Minister is typically the leader of the majority party or coalition in the National Assembly and is responsible for running the government and implementing policies. The National Assembly consists of 70 members who are elected by the people through a mixed electoral system that combines first-past-the-post and proportional representation elements. Mauritius has a history of political stability, democratic governance, and a vibrant political landscape with multiple political parties participating in the electoral process. The country is known for its commitment to the rule of law, good governance, and a high level of political freedom and transparency.

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