About Us

Welcome to BlahFace a great social media platform for everyone.
BlahFace.com, welcome to our social media platform. Uniting people online. Glad you found us. Discussion forums and vast areas of interests with simplified site structure. Smiling young woman holding a laptop while looking at the camera.

Who are we?

BlahFace.com is a free and public Social Media Platform focusing on providing a wide range of news, human interests, and topics to users. We believe knowledge is key. Join us and discover more about us as we build a vibrant community of information seekers and sharers.  Business Walls can be created and viewed by users and non-users and are separate from personal walls. To have a Wall (Personal or Business), participate in Site Activity, Groups and Forums (and interact with registered users), register and create a free account or simply login.  Open communication and unfiltered news from all sides and beliefs with no bias or censorship of respectful expressions. Our goal is to be an informative one-stop KNOWLEDGE ZONE uniting people online.

Why create another social media platform?

The simple answer is:  Why not?  America is the land of opportunity where anyone can achieve the American dream with a lot of hard work, perseverance, the right investors, startup capital and guidance!

Sure, we want to become a popular social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (or the likes) but, pushing forward, BlahFace.com just wants to be liked and loved for itself and not for being an imitation of others. We take inspiration from so many famous individuals, amongst them Elon Musk (who we often quote because we agree with quite a few of his statements).

BlahFace is the big tent this country needs before the next election!   Political discourse in our country has come to a standstill.  Americans need a place where both points of view are uncensored by extremist. 

BlahFace represents the new SOCIAL MEDIA.  While others are losing ground, we are gaining eyeballs.   We wholeheartedly welcome you in!

When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.

Yes, we've often heard it say...

There’s already leading social media sites!

Our response:  We know that.

Are you serious about becoming the next social media platform?

Our response:  You betcha!

BlahFace.com - Why create another social media platform? We just did.

How is BlahFace different?

  • Site structure.  Our site setup, visually, is simple to follow and not cluttered as in other social media platforms.
  • Information variety.  We gather and present articles and RSS-feeds (with third-party links for full credit) from all around the web.  The information presented may be liberal, conservative or in-between; happy, sad, or even tragic, at times.  Content creators and bloggers will be coming aboard to expand on the volume of pages throughout the site with fresh content on a random basis.
  • Viewer feedback.  We value your opinion and constructive criticism for our site’s growth.  On the Home page there is a handy form to provide us with your feedback.  If something is working and gives you joy, we would love to hear it.  If something is NOT working, please let us know as well.

People should pursue what they're passionate about. That will make them happier than pretty much anything else.

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.

Feel free to speak to yourself... who is better qualified to listen?