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  • 9 US Presidents With Affair Allegations, Sex Scandals (businessinsider.com)
  • Time Is Running Out To Speak Freely About Free Speech (thefederalist.com)
  • De-transitioned teen sues Kaiser Permanente for performing double mastectomy on her at 13: ‘Intentional fraud’ (Fox News)
  • Tolman: Trump Could Be Indicted for Same Thing Clinton Was Fined For (breitbart.com)
  • Biden issues his first veto on retirement investment resolution (CNN Politics)
  • Republicans demand Manhattan DA Bragg turn over docs related to Trump investigation (msn.com)
  • Houston teens arrested in caught-on-camera ‘jugging’ robbery that left woman paralyzed (Fox News)
  • ‘He’s doing it for a reason’: Maxine Waters thinks Donald Trump wants to incite political violence (msn.com)
  • VIDEO:  Maxine Waters inciting political violence against the Trump administration and Trump supporters

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