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Gitega is formerly known as Kitega and popular cities in Burundi. Gitega is one of the largest cities and the capital of Burundi. This city is located in the center of the country, the Burundian central plateau roughly 62 kilometers east by south of Bujumbura. Bujumbura was the former largest and capital city. Until its abolition in 1966, Gitega was the part of the Kingdom of Burundi. A vote in the Parliament of Burundi with all branches of government expected to move in over three years made the change official on 16 January 2019.


Gishora is counted in top cities in Burundi. It is just 7km away from Gitega sits proudly atop a hill chosen for its strategic position by King Gisabo. The main sight in Gishora and another common stop-off for safari tours is the drum sanctuary. The drums have played an important role throughout the history of Burundi and played at and were often made for, important events such as royal ceremonies. The architecture of a royal palace which is recreated here as well as the sanctuary is a great way to experience this aspect of Burundi culture.


This relatively small city in the world and the largest city of Burundi has not seen much development over the past decades mainly due to years of conflict in the region. Bujumbura, the most beautiful cities in Burundi is commonly known as Buji. As a French colony such as excellent food, drink, and nightlife, it has retained other characteristics from its period. You can find French cuisines at various restaurants in the Bujumbura, occupying a wide range of prices and quality. Sights you can visit in the city include the university which is the only one in Burundi. You can also visit the Independence Monument which remembers hard times of occupation by Belgian, German and French rulers. The Living Museum is arguably one of the best museums of its kind in Africa, also located in Bujumbura. It shows modern and ancient crafts used in Burundi.


Bururi is a city located in southern Burundi, and the best cities to visit in Burundi. It is the capital city of Bururi Province and has around 20.000 inhabitants in 2007. If we talk about its history, a massacre took place here on 29 April 1972. It was declared as a republic, and a week later suppressed by Burundian troops.


Zanandore is a medium-sized town of Burundi. This African city has around 27,867 people living there. Zanandore in Burundi, provided by the American military intelligence in electronic format, including the geographic coordinates. Zanadrone place names in various forms, Latin, Roman and native characters, and its location in its administrative division respective country.


Rumonge, cities in Burundi is the capital of Rumonge Province, Burundi. Rumonge is located on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. A population of 35,931 recorded in Rumonge in the 2008 census. This number of the population made Burundi’s fourth-largest city. Before Burundi’s independence in 1962. it had a big Arab presence

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