East Timor

Topic is Travel Destination to East Timor. Ruins of Ai Pelo Prison in Dili, East Timor.


You’ll find new seafood restaurants, textile shops, and produce markets here in Dili. Dili is one of the largest cities in East Timor where amongst thatch-roofed homes. You can enjoy freshly cooked seafood, drink a coconut on the beaches of Dili. Along the coastline during the migration season watch whales swim. Dili is home to a variety of corals, scorpionfish reef sharks, blue moray eels, trevally, and more. Dili is known for Scuba diving and it is great all year. A 27-meter-tall statue of Jesus Christ that overlooks the city most directions around Dili are in relation to Cristo Rei. The second-largest statue of Jesus Christ in the world is Cristo Rei.


Baucau seems like two separate cities. You’ll find Portuguese colonial architecture in Old Town while with an Indonesian influence, New Town hosts new buildings. Formerly the town’s community market, stop by the bright yellow government building. Visit the stunning buildings of Venilale on the south side, and explore the caves created by the Japanese military during WWII. It is one of the best cities to visit in East Timor. Further south, explore natural caves, and gaze at churning waterfalls are the villages of Ossu and Viqueque, where you can swim in freshwater rivers.


Come to Com, if you’re wanting a more resort-style stay in East Timor. It is one of the most beautiful cities in East Timor and a small beach town on the eastern end of the country. A variety of guesthouses and restaurant are located on the main road traces the coastline. Enjoy sitting at the beach, grab a glass of white wine and enjoying the sunshine. You can go shopping, fishing, explore the colonial-era Portuguese buildings, and hike through swimming is off the table due to crocodiles. Stay at Com Beach Resort for upscale accommodation, also offers space for camping.


You can watch traditional dancing, in Suai and explore the River Tafara and walk over the town’s smooth sandstone beaches. You should visit the town’s main attraction if you’re interested in the darker side of East Timor’s history, see Our Lady of Fatima Church. The infamous church massacre that took the lives of 200 people where you can find a memorial devoted.


Betano city was once a Timorese kingdom. This one of the top cities to visit in East Timor an untouched black-sand beach today, Use Betano as a base to explore the nearby mangrove swamps spanning all the way to nearby Viqueque. As a favorite stretch by Tour de Timor riders, mountain bike the length of the entire country in just five days.


This famous city in East Timor is located between lush trees. It offers an authentic look into small-town life in East Timor. You will be happy rummaging through the local market if you are in search of a souvenir, renowned for its crafts and Tai. These are a type of textile.

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