Topic is Travel Destination to Estonia. Amazing aerial drone shot of Old Town of Tallinn, Estonia.


Tallinn in the numero uno spot and one of the major cities in Estonia. Among the many tourist spots in Estonia, Tallinn is the foremost in the running. The main attraction or heart of the city is Toompea and it still has kept the ancient and historic ambiance very much alive with Cobblestones Street and 15th Century establishments. The region is well preserved and is accessible by walking for history lovers. From the topmost region of Toompea, you can get a view of the hustling and bustling, Old City.


Considered as the intellectual hub and famous cities in Estonia, Tartu is known for the University of Tartu. It is the oldest city in the nation, which makes it more interesting to visit. The city center is classically designed with 18th Century buildings, most being an outlet for innovative requirements. The soup neighborhood is the quirkiest attraction of the city, with street names being named after soup ingredients like beans! It is touted as the best place to visit in Estonia.


Parnu a coastal resort city and one of the largest cities in Estonia is located on the Parnu River. This river falls into the Gulf of Riga. The major attraction here is the beach of Parnu, boasting off about the gorgeous dunes and powdery white sand. Parnu is also famous as the summer capital because most of the Estonians choose to spend their summer vacations here. You can also visit the indoor water park in the area named Vee Park.


Known to be as peaceful city of Sillamäe. It is situated on the coast along the Gulf of Finland in the country’s southernmost part. The city is not a frequent destination for tourists, even though its appearance, atmosphere, and history are really unique in Estonia. Pay a visit to Kulturzentrum Sillamae as well as the Sillamae Museum of History and Culture.


Situated on the Narva River flows through northeastern Estonia and forms a natural border with Russia. Narva is the third-largest and one of the big cities in Estonia in the country and lies in a very controversial area in the region with the highest unemployment in the country. Here you will have a view of the huge Ivangorod Fortress, the fort in Russia that is built just on the other side of the river.


The northwestern part of the country is home to the small town of Keila. The human evidence was known here since 3000 – 2000 BC while Keila is known as the village since the 10th century. Keila River flows through the town and creates wonderful Keila Waterfalls which you cannot miss during your tour around the country.

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