Guatemala City

Guatemala City is the capital city and major cities in Guatemala. Its largest, most modern metropolis and top tourist destination. On Sunday nights locals gather in the plazas of “guate,” an activity the traveler in search of authenticity will enjoy. And authenticity they will find in droves, as Guatemala City has definitely not been scrubbed up for the tourist trade.

Antigua Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala’s most important tourist destination. It was once an important city in Guatemala in the Spanish empire and the administrative hub of all Central America. Caught between three volcanic cones and situated in a gorgeous valley, Antigua enchants with Baroque architecture and cobblestone streets and one of Latin America’s most spectacular Semana Santa celebrations. Bars and restaurants are friendly and sophisticated, while excellent language schools and a large expat population further contribute to Antigua’s cosmopolitan personality.


Flores is a beautiful island city and one of the tourist cities in Guatemala on Petén Itza Lake (Lago Petén Itza). Notable for its colonial red-roof architecture and winding cobblestone streets, Flores is a true gem. The village is on a small island connected to the mainland by a causeway, which leads to the twin towns of San Benito and Santa Elena (modern and dirty in contrast to the charms of Flores). The three towns together are commonly viewed as a base for exploring the Mayan ruins of Tikal, though they have much to offer as well. Be sure to visit the nearby cave of the serpent (Ak’tun Kan) and ARCAS, a wildlife rescue center. The town is home to many restaurants, and adventurous travelers will find an opportunity to sample exotic animals. However, keep in mind that many of these animals are illegally poached, and therefore should be avoided. This one of the cities of Guatemala is a very safe place for tourists in sometimes-iffy northern Guatemala and an excellent destination for any and all travelers.

Villa Nueva

Villa Nueva is the second most populous and beautiful Guatemalan city. It is land housing a population of 0.48 million in 2015 located 14.9 kilometers from Guatemala City. This city nears the regions of Villa Canales, Mixco, and Petapa. The population of this city largely relies on Villa Nueva’s industries, mainly metallurgy, textiles, and plastics. The agricultural sector also contributes to the city’s economy and provides employment to some of its people. Agricultural products like rice, vegetables, and dairy products are the main agro-product.


Having 0.47 million population in 2015, make Mixco the third most populous Guatemalan city. Mixco is part of the Capital City’s Metropolitan and located near Guatemala City. Mixco is linked to the capital city through bridges because of the presence of canyons that separate the two cities. The city enjoys a relatively constant temperature throughout the year. This best city to visit in Guatemala is a bustling tourism hub mainly because of the remains of the Mayan civilizations. Structures such as temples, pyramids, and ball courts are now protected ruins and serve as a source of income for the city through tourism.


The city of Petapa has an elevation of 1,229 meters (4023.1 feet) above sea level and had a population of 0.18 million people in 2015. This is one of the famous cities in Guatemala lies near the regions of Villa Nueva, Mixco, and Amatitlan and known as the fourth largest city in the country. The economy of Petapa mainly relies on agriculture and its industries.

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