Topic is Travel Destination to Lesotho. Landscape view of stunning Maletsunyane River Valley, Lesotho.


Maseru is the capital of the country. This city is the largest urban area in the country with an area of 4 279 km². Its total population is approximately 500 000 residents. Because of its population, it is considered one of the largest cities in Lesotho. Maseru is known for its vibrant mixture of cultures. A town named Roma in this region is full of rich history retained from the Roman Catholic Church. It also houses the National University of Lesotho. Semonkong is a remote village once used as a hideout for outlaws. Here you will find the magnificent Maletsunyane Falls which are the highest single-drop falls in Southern Africa. Being the capital city of the country, Maseru offers loads of visitor accommodation.


Berea has a total population of approximately 300 000 residents. The area of Berea is about 2 222 km² and it is one of the Northern regions of Lesotho. The capital city of Teya-Teyaneng is known for its busy business community where there are many local craft centers. Locally known as “TY”, this famous city to visit in Lesotho has a few surrounding caves where the San people have left some evidence of their inhabitancy. The region of Berea does not have many well-known towns or villages, but still offers many options for accommodation. There are self-catering units, bed and breakfasts, guest houses and camping sites available in the area.


Butha-Buthe is a region located in Lesotho. The city of Butha-Buthe is the capital of this region and the only city found here as well. A list of the top 5 major cities in Lesotho is incomplete without it. This city has a total population of around 110 000 inhabitants and an area of 1767 km². The city of Butha-Buthe is a proud owner of the most significant local site, the Butha-Buthe Plateau. This sandstone plateau played an important part in the Basotho people’s cultural heritage. The Oxbow resort located in this region is the perfect getaway destination with its slopes covered in snow during the winter.


Mafeteng is the capital town of Mafeteng is full of rich history. The name of this best city in Lesotho means “Lefeta’s Place” which refers to a popular magistrate who worked in this area. This city is a very busy trading center for the region. The popular Malealea destination is used as the base for pony-trekking, a means of traveling through the beautiful lands of Lesotho on horseback.

The region of Mafeteng offers many options for tourist accommodation. Facilities in the city include bed and breakfasts, guest houses, lodges, camping sites, and self-catering units.

Mohale’s Hoek

Mohale’s Hoek borders on the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa and is one of the southern regions of Lesotho. The region’s capital town of Mohale’s Hoek has the fascinating Cannibal Caves as its tourist attraction. These caves have evidence of actual cannibalistic activities. The surrounding area also has some dinosaur footprints and San rock paintings for history enthusiasts. It is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Lesotho. This city offers tourists the chance to experience this region by staying over in one of its many accommodation options. From bed and breakfasts and self-catering units to guest houses and camping facilities, there is no shortage of places to stay.


Mokhotlong is known as “Place of the Bald Ibis” and there are some diamonds in the area. The capital and only city in the region, Mokhotlong, is known for the Tlaeeng Pass, the highest road in Africa. At 3 275 m, this pass is sometimes referred to as “The Roof of Africa”. Pony-trekking is a very popular activity in the area because you can explore more of the beauty of Lesotho. Mokhotlong is a relatively poor city, but still offers tourists cozy accommodation options. Because of the natural beauty, this city definitely deserves in most popular cities to visit in Lesotho. There are bed and breakfasts, self-catering units and camping sites available in the area.

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