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One of the top holiday destinations in the world, Male is the capital city of Maldives. Neatly arranged in a grid pattern, this well organised city is populated with sites exploring the rich Maldivian heritage and culture as well as urban necessities like malls and markets, restaurants with delicious food, and some amazing beaches as you journey across the coastline of the island city. At an area of about 6 square kilometers, Male is among the five smallest capital cities in the world. Surrounded by serene blue seas all around, Male is not a place to admire skyscrapers, but rather to delve into the culture of island cities, comprised of narrow lanes and interesting graffiti. The chill laid-back atmosphere of Male is all you need to forget all your worries, as you soak up some good old beach fun at the beach.


Situated at the southernmost tip of the Maldivian archipelago is the largest island of the nation, Fuvahmulah. The scenic, natural beauty of this place is bound to take your breath away. With lush green mingling with the yellow of the dried leaves and the brown of the barks blending with the golden sand, Fuvamulah appears to be a place out of a picture that one painted in their imagination. For people who want to dive into a world full of activities, as well as for those who just want to laze around and relax, Fuvahmulah is the right place to be! However, it is not solely spectacular natural beauty that will make it your favourite vacation spot. The mouthwatering cuisine of this place, dominated by scrumptious seafood, is also responsible for enhancing the spellbinding charm that this place has mastered.


Just south of the North Male Atoll and connected to the airport lays a gem of an island called the Hulhumale. The island sprawls across 188 hectares of palm trees and spectacular beaches and is a perfect fusion of urban life with the delights of island life. Hulhumale Island is also a big supporter of green architecture and maintaining the scenic beauty with a strict no littering policy. It is a great place to visit a day before leaving from the Maldives or after arriving. In fact, Hulhumale is most famous amongst tourists who arrive at the Maldives in the late evenings or have a day to spare before their flight departs, as it is connected to the airport island by road, which also makes it extremely convenient. Individuals stopping at this island are sure to get a cultural experience with several activities that will leave you wanting for more.
What makes this Hulhumale so different from the many islands in the Maldives is the fact that it was not created by forces of nature but artificially by ingenious minds. The purpose of the island was to reduce the amount of congestion in Male, Maldives’ capital city. The result was a beautiful green island which despite its artificiality, looks more natural and mystical than most islands in the Maldives, especially that of the concrete jungle of Male.

Maafushi Island

Nestled in the Kaafu Atoll, the Maafushi Island is located at a distance from 26km from Male. It is a large island when compared to the rest of the islands situated in the atoll. Every year, this vacation spot welcomes a larger number of tourists, and to cater to their needs, Maafushi is dotted with cosy guesthouses and hostels which are not only affordable but are also extremely comfortable. From historical monuments to sandbars, from diving agencies to restaurants, the island invites you to embark on a smorgasbord of activities.


Naifaru is the most popular and beautiful island in Lhaviyani Atoll. This island is famous for being the home island of a popular and talented singer, Naifaru Dohokko. 

With a population of about 4000 people, people on this island are very much involved in fishing, which has been the primary income generator for the islanders since the beginning.


Being the capital island of Haa Alif Atoll, Dhidhdhoo is the only island around which is equipped with grocery stores, mini-markets, restaurants, bars, a bank with ATMs, pharmacy, and a hospital.

Dhidhdoo is a great tourist attraction as the waters around Dhidhdhoo consists of a group of dolphins that dance in front of the boat.

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