Topic is Travel Destination to Myanmar. Night Scape Sule Pagoda Centre of City in Yangon, Myanmar.


You will hardly be able to avoid Yangon when you are travelling in Myanmar. But why should you! The city is considered one of the most popular destinations in the country and is the religious centre of Myanmar. The ancient capital and metropolis of millions, Yangon is home to the Shwedagon Pagoda, an impressively religious site. In addition, a huge reclining Buddha can be admired in another pagoda. Impressive evidence of Burma’s history can be discovered in the National Museum.


Mandalay is the second largest city in the country, but there is much less chaos on the streets. The absolute highlight of the city trip is definitely Mandalay Hill, from where you can watch the most beautiful sunsets that the city has to offer. You can either hike up or take a taxi. Also the Mahamuni Pagoda is worth a visit and is famous for its most sacred Buddha statue in all of Myanmar. To get a nice souvenir, also check out the traditional crafts: gold beating, wood carving and stone carving.


The city is known as the Royal City of Myanmar, and although it’s not a major city, it’s one of the country’s highlights, with the world’s largest collection of Buddhist pagodas, stupas and temples. Hop on a hot air balloon at sunrise and watch from above as the city slowly comes to life, enveloped in a magical golden light. The city is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. For us definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Myanmar!


The city is particularly famous for the Ngapali Beach, which is located directly in Tandwe and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches. Relax on the beach and enjoy a refreshment in the sea. But the port town itself is also worth a visit, as you can sample delicious local food in the markets and watch the colourful Burmese way of life. As in any typical Burmese city, there are also many beautiful temples and pagodas that you can visit.


The town is quite small, but still a popular destination. From here, you can start trekking tours and visit the surrounding waterfalls or the hot springs of the Shan villages. In the town itself, you can taste your way through many small delicious restaurants and discover a pagoda and a monastery with a Buddha statue. Another adventure is waiting for you here: a train ride to the Goteik Viaduct at dizzying heights.


A city that is not to every traveler’s taste, but an interesting place to learn more about the country’s political past. The capital was built by the government only a few years ago and is resplendent in pomp and luxury. However, it is strangely empty and contrasts well with the otherwise hectic and bustling cities of the country.

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